Hello from Nicholas and Susan de Castella

We share a passion for living to the fullest. We facilitate Heart Intelligence Trainings and private Breathwork sessions. Our work encourages us to open our hearts and reclaim our authentic self.

We see heart opening as a way of living that is naturally healing and empowering. We enjoy a conscious marriage and continue to explore ways of deepening our love and support of each other.

We are familiar with the challenges of maintaining a loving relationship amongst the pressures of modern life. We are married, have a nine year old son, ‘Charles’, and Alexander who is eight years old.

Together we have attended numerous trainings on deepening relationships including working with Margo Anand – author of ‘The Art of Sexual Ecstasy’, Richard Moss – author of “The I that is We’.

We hope you enjoy this site and find it helpful. Please feel free to contact us if there is anything
specific you are looking for.