Heart Cultivating

By Nicholas de Castella

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Introduction to Heart Cultivating
  • Cultivate Heart Qualities
  • Why cultivate Heart Qualities?
  • Why what you feel matters more than what you think
  • Feelings condition perception
  • Feelings affect how we think.
  • Feelings condition actions
  • Feelings condition Results
  • How to Cultivate Heart Qualities
  • Building Resilience
  • Homeplay this week

This is the fourth article in the series: ‘How to live a Heart Centred Life’. Lets recap:

The first step in living a Heart Centred Life is ‘Tuning in’ – raising self awareness by practicing being present and connecting with what is happening within.

The second step is opening our hearts, which means opening up and allowing the life force of emotional energy to flow through us more freely: laughing, crying, singing, dancing and living more passionately. Saying ‘Yes’ to all our feelings. Learning to
validate, relax and welcome them in as they pass through us.

The third step is Heart Centring: Learning to tune in and open our hearts, connecting to the wealth of peace, love, happiness and contentment within.

Cultivate Heart Qualities

Today I want to encourage you to consciously begin to cultivate positive hearts qualities.

Why cultivate Heart Qualities?
The most compelling reason to cultivate heart qualities is that we are creating our reality in accordance with the state of our heart. Love and gratitude sowing seeds for happiness and goodness, resentment and hatred sowing seeds misery and suffering.

To cultivate means to nurture for growth. Like a farmer who cultivates his crop, we too can cultivate heart qualities.

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