Breathwork is a techniques which go way beyond ‘positive thinking’ and allow us to gain access to our core issues and give us the opportunity to make positive changes that affect virtually every aspect of our lives:

Personal Development

  • Become a more peaceful, gentle and loving person
  • Gain energy, enthusiasm and motivation
  • Release stress, negativity and anxiety
  • Rediscover your inate innocence, playfulness, and spontenaity
  • Develop self confidence a deeper, stronger belief in yourself
  • Improve Self Assertion: Clear blockages that limit your ability to express yourself
  • Deepen the understanding of who you are

Heart Intelligence

  • Learn about the difference between feelings and emotions
  • Develop your understanding of the healthy role of your emotions
  • Learn to recognise your emotions and what causes them
  • Develop skills to channel your emotional energy creatively
  • Master limiting fears, manage destructive anger, release sadness and increase joy
  • Clear frustration, confusion and unhappiness
  • Exchange feelings of depression and hopelessness for inner peace and freedom
  • Develop a Positive attitude to life

Loving Relationships

  • Create stronger, more loving relationships
  • Experience heart openning
  • Reconnection with the wealth of love inside
  • Enhance your ability to express your feelings
  • Free youself from fears of disapproval and rejection.
  • Release blocks to intimacy
  • Get more in touch with others feelings

Success Programing

  • Learn to reshape your limiting beliefs to empower you to create what you want.
  • Gain direction in life by deeping your connection with your authentic self
  • Release destructive anger and self sabotage
  • Improved performance in career, sport, and every day life

Health and Wellbeing

  • Enhance your sense of well being
  • Bring your body into a state of inner peace, harmony and balance
  • Heal “stress induced illness”
  • Heal the underlying, unresloved issues that give rise to addictions.
  • Take control of personal health, experience relief from stress induced illness’.
  • Self Mastery: Conquer addictive behaviours.