Sunday June 23, 2013 – Sunday June 23, 2013

172 Noone St

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Would you like to be able to clear ALL of your troubles quickly and easily? 

CORE CLEARING is a revolutionary heart opening process that clears emotional blockages so you can journey down through the layers of emotion and into the infinite presence of love and freedom at the core of your being. This frees you to live a blessed life from your heart.

In this FUN workshop you will discover:

  • The latest scientific findings about your hearts’ intelligence – yes it does ‘think’
  • The exact steps you need to connect your head to your  heart
  • How to clear the emotional blockages and go to the next level of aliveness
  • How to connect to the wisdom and intelligence in your heart for guidance in your life
  • Release emotional tension and find harmony to boost your healing potential.
  • Clear emotional blocks that have held you back for years.
  • How to stay on track and keep moving forward in your life
  • How to live your life, from your heart, with joy and ease

So You Can:

  • Connect to the source of peace, love and happiness within you.
  • Create strong, supportive, passionate loving relationships.
  • Find your passion. Do what you love and love what you do.
  • Set inspired goals from your heart and achieve them with ease and grace.
  • Create inner harmony to boost your  immune system to accelerate healing.
  • Be present to the wealth of wisdom in your heart to live a rich and fulfilling life.