From my heart I wish you a very Happy New Year.

We all know how bad it feels to set a new years resolution only to watch it erode into oblivion as the pressures of life compound.

I’m going to lose 10kg, go to the gym every day, stop procrastinating etc, etc…

This only serves to make us feel bad about ourselves – and can easily become yet another way of beating ourselves up.

My solution to this is to keep it simple and set a certain kind of resolution – one which I call an intention

Setting intentions is a softer and kinder way of relating to ourselves.

Setting intentions is EXTREMELY POWERFUL. When you set an intention deep in your heart you will be amazed at how transformational it can be on your personally (positively and negatively).

Over the years I have developed the habit of setting one intention per year. I choose an aspect of my spiritual development that I would like to work on. Some of them include: Expecting less of myself, being gentler with myself and focusing on excellence. Last year I chose to practice generosity. Sometimes I was more generous than I normally would have been and sometimes I saw myself ‘holding on to the flow’.

Both experiences actually deepened my awareness of generosity. No matter how you go, if you stay conscious of your intention, do your best and watch yourself as you go, you will definitely grow in that area.

Of course you must be gentle with yourself (which could be you intention for 2012). Understand that criticism and punishment serves no good. Punishing ourselves does not make us more open and loving. Punishment and criticism makes us more contracted, fearful and uptight.

Life is a journey of growth, not a destination.

Working on developing a spiritual practice is a great thing for a number of reasons.  One you actually can always do better and so you never really fail. Even when you realise you have not been how you would like to be, you can use the experience to reinforce your determination to be more diligent in the future.

Also, you are going to get plenty of opportunities to practice your intention, some you will rise to meet and some will pass you by.

I personally believe it is the person we become (how open our hearts are) that is the most important aspect of the life we live. Obviously we can not take any of our physical achievements with us when we die, but who we have become along the journey goes on.

You may already know that we are teaching INSPIRED LIVING PROGRAMS this year that focus on opening our hearts, becoming more present, alive and cultivating ‘Heart Qualities’ in our life. (more info. to come on this shortly)

Here are some of the major heart practices you could consider:

Effortless Flow

Savouring the Moment




Kindness, Gentleness (drop punishment)

Mystery – living in the unknown, welcoming the new


Tonglen, – Staying open and grateful even when it hurts

Follow your heart




Trust, surrender



Honouring, cherishing




I suggest you take a few moments to be quiet and breathe into your heart – RIGHT NOW – and ask yourself:

“What quality would I like to cultivate this year?”

Just choose the one that is calling to you and plant it like a seed, deep in your heart and watch it grow…

If you would like to spend a fun and exciting day connecting in your heart, putting some powerful energy into making 2012 a great year then…

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May the love, peace and happiness in your heart, flourish in your life,

Let me know how you go…

Hearty Regards


Coming events

January 21 – 2012 by Design… 1 day Heart visioning workshop

February 23-26 – Inspired Living (updated Passionately Alive)

February 23-26 – 2012 BREATHWORK TRAINING Cert. III & IV