Being Happy and Enjoying Life

by Nicholas de Castella

Our problems seem to be external to us but it is how we respond to what is happening within us that determines the quality of life we live. Suppressing our feelings causes stress and suffering. Wanting to feel something other than what we’ve got means rejecting life as it is.

1. See it – Recognise what you are feeling

Sit in stillness and quietness, Come into the present. Let go of thinking and breathe into your body. Ask yourself “Am I feeling…

1. Happy: Excited Pleased Enjoying Ecstatic

2. Sad: Melancholy Heavy Low Depressed

3. Angry: Annoyed Irritated Frustrated Stressed

4. Scared: Anxious Frightened Worried Terrified

+ Empty: Detached Numb Frozen Blank

2. Allow it – Accept how you are feeling

Emotions are real. They are energy, our life force, passion and enthusiasm.

Pushing feelings away causes stress and unhappiness by having what we don’t want.

The only way to get through emotions is to go through them, not around them.

Stay with the facts. Don’t awfulise. Watch out that your mind is not generating the emotion by what you are thinking, by running scary, sad or angry movies in your head.

3. Let it out – Express it! Share how you are feeling

Express the emotional energy – shout, scream, cry, laugh…

Talk to your partner or in a support group where your feelings will be honoured

We Honour emotions by listening, validating and accepting them as real and OK

Remember we are not fixing the tractor, nothing is broken!

Sharing your feelings reduces the sense of overwhelm and isolation

4. ‘Be’ – Live in the Now, Practise ‘Mindfulness’

Let go of the past and the future and be fully present with what is here, now

Take time to feel the extra ordinary nature of this earthly experience

Remember: You always have enough strength to respond to what is present now.

5. Acknowledge and Appreciate what you have

What you focus on tends to expand so make time to bless what you have

Remember the glass that is half empty is also half full!

Practise praise and appreciation instead of criticism

Acknowledge and Celebrate your victories

6. Be Kind and Gentle with Yourself and Others

Allow yourself to be human and make it OK to make a mistake let go of punishment. Know that you are always doing the best you can.

Love the soft animal of your being.

Nicholas de Castella, President of The Australian Breathwork Foundation has 12years experience as a Breathwork practitioner. Founder of Power of Presence Seminar (formerly Passionately Alive Seminar) and author of ‘Keys to Emotional Mastery’, he conducts Breathwork practitioner trainings, facilitates weekly support group meetings and runs a private practice in Clifton Hill, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.