Passionately Alive Feedback July/August 2015
Passionately Alive has helped clear my mind and re-adjust my priorities. I have learnt through this workshop how my mind has got in the way and blinded me from the truth and stopped me from doing what I want. I have learnt to healthily express my present emotions and let go of past hurts. I have learnt the importance of deep breathing and the role it plays in answering the questions that have been troubling me and clouding my judgement.

If you’re feeling lost, depressed, sad, stressed, unloved or restless, this course is for you.

I have learnt not to accept (with stronger determination) people treating me badly. Including not making time or effort for me. I will not accept any degrading words anymore. I now trust that I am lovable and love myself the best I can – only then will I want to love other people.
This course was legendary and so were the people involved in making it happen and all who participated. Bless you guys! Thankyou.
Jess Strong.


I think no matter what you’ve been through in your life, everyone would benefit from this program. It’s a great opportunity to explore yourself and learn how to process your emotions. I have gained the ability to find peace within myself from learning to feel my emotions.

I have always been a happy person but at the same time I have used that as a barrier to close off myself from others and give of a happy disposition. From this workshop I have let go of all the pain I had and how I just feel peace. Its so nice not to feel crazy and this workshop has made me realize I’m actually quite grounded.
Rachel Strong.


I was able to achieve, everything and more that I came looking for at Passionately Alive. I felt welcomed and the more I put in the more I got back from my own journey.

I now feel more open and at ease. I feel present and in touch with heart. I’m going to live in the present and I feel safe in allowing myself to feel like this.
A fantastic weekend! So different and more than what I expected. Thankyou.
Ben Tepper.

Passionately Alive is heart opening and empowering: great communication, sense of community, support, caring and a welcoming environment. I now have a greater sense of my self. I have increased self-confidence. I am going to stay true to myself, my goals and follow my heart. I am not going to let my head make limiting rationalisations. Thank you Nicholas and Susan.
Lisa Peterson.


At Passionately Alive I identified and released so many emotions from my past. I released anger towards my mother and feel compassion for her now. I saw myself as a child for the first time as someone to love.

I have realised how much I have been holding back in my life. I am going to let go, feel my emotions and take the risk to live life to the full. Thankyou.
Kate Potter.


The experience of attending Passionately Alive has been unusual. Never before have I gained such clarity of insight into what I feel and connected it to what I should do (move – relocate) from hell.

The emotional changes and realisation of the processes were both unexpected and profound.
I have already lived 50/50 in Queanbeyan and Sydney with more risk taking, I am going to move out of living in a van in Sydney to a real house /shop in Sydney. I am going to take the plunge into financial commitment and earn extra in service (work) to others.

I am truly grateful for your understanding of my unusual circumstances – lack of computer skills – vehicle breakdown – collecting me after a frustrating trip and a wonderful acceptance into a new and worthy group of heart-centred people. Thank you.
Ian Peacock.


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