pa april 2015 500xPassionately Alive feedback April 2015


Passionately Alive is a fabulous weekend! I have learnt so much is a safe and gentle way of removing blockages and finding your true self. My sense of self has changed, I feel free to be myself. I know I will be more kind and loving with my children.   Deborah Forbutt.

I cleared the big emotional muck that was holding me back from living the life I want and living TRUE TO MYSELF. I found that I actually DO have a voice and that is so empowering. I have found my voice and feel strong as a woman within myself. I feel I have connected to the divine feminine within me. I will now move to a different chapter of my life by moving location, secure in the knowledge it’s the best thing for ME, and my family. You’re the best.   Krystal Mayne.

Passionately Alive is crucial! The weekend was fantastic. Everyone in the world needs what is taught here. 100% worth it. I would highly recommend we all do this. What has changed for me is the way I view myself. I have learned to love myself and my life again. Best 3 ½ days camp ever.    Anthony Petrov (22 yrs old)

Passionately Alive is a heart opening experience, a wonderful way of helping me resetting myself into living a new enriching life. I feel so much more open hearted – love, joy and peace.   Michael Gawlik

Passionately Alive is a powerful way to reconnect with our humanity. This is the start of a journey to wholeness for me. I can now face myself with compassion instead of derision. I now know how to support myself. I have the tools to nurture and love myself in practical ways, which is profound.    Diana Waterton.

Passionately Alive has amazing benefits. I used to just about hyperventilate every single night whilst trying to sleep. After letting my emotions out, even after the first session, I couldn’t believe how well I slept and I was astonished to realize that my breathing was normal! I had the best sleep whilst doing PA that I can remember.
Nicholas is a truly gifted person and he truly does an amazing job. I am a much more serene person and I have let go of my past baggage. Thank you so much Nicholas for coming into my life. May God Bless you and your family and the wonderful work you do. You are a blessing to the Universe.   Rosemarie Vella

Passionately Alive is a very supportive space with caring and genuine people. The knowledge that, Nicholas teaches is so, so valuable. After having done years of personal development, I have not found anything like this before. It is an amazing thing to do for your self. I have learnt that when you take care of yourself, everyone around you receives the gift too! I feel so much lighter, less physical pain in my body and more peaceful. I will do Heart Centred Meditation daily and encourage my husband to as well. I found it is easier to laugh!   Edith Mc Carthy.

Passionately Alive has changed my life for the better. I have dealt with issues from the past, which, have been holding me back from living a contented happy life. I have the knowledge to change my future. If I had not done this seminar I would have continued to live an unhappy uncertain life. From now on I will speak up for myself, let others know how I feel and sort out a confusing, unhappy relationship with a friend. This is the most wonderful experience. It has helped me to shift blocked emotions to allow me to move forward. Thank you Nicholas, Rod, Claire, Joshua and Peter.    Elaine Hackett.

Passionately Alive is for you, if you have any issues that are holding you back from leading the life you want: mentally, physically, emotionally, or if you have lost heart with what you are doing or lost direction in life. I would highly recommend, a Passionately Alive workshop with Nicholas, you won’t regret the decision. I can finally say: ‘I now know who I am’ and now I have an outline and direction for living the life that I choose.   Lynette Gleeson.