“Real love can be gutsy, passionate, fiery and honest as well as gently, tender, joyous and peaceful. It is an intensity of experience where in two separate beings connect in the furnace of absolute open expression of the truth of our being. Love is not a something that is going to last forever without needing any attention. Loving relationships are living organisms, to grow they need the constant nurturing and feeding provided by open hearted, honest sharing of all our feelings.”

Nicholas de Castella

What is this?
A way of building deep, loving relationships that are rich and fulfilling on all levels of being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Based on transcending the duality of judgements of good and bad to find the divine in all things and experience the divine in each moment. This offers us a healing of our shame (I am bad, wrong or indadequate) and the opportunity to experience the richness of living in the present moment, savouring our life.

Loving Relationships is a way of living that is continually opening our hearts and enriching our experience of wholeness and aliveness.

There are eight aspects of Loving Relationships:
1. Cultivating love: Creating spaces for Love to flourish.
2. Living in the present: free of expectations, open to the unfolding of the moment.
Embracing all our experiences with willingness and openness.
3. Happiness: living with more peace, love, enjoyment, fun, playfulness and ease.
4. Heart Centred Relating: with open hearts connecting deeply with ourself, others and life.
5. Savouring sensuality: heightening the experience of greater pleasure through the senses.
6. Increasing Aliveness: Raising and circulating life force (Kundalini) energy through the body
Increasing aliveness through awareness, breath and movement.
7. Liberation:Transcending the ego by going beyond the ‘me-me’ into the ‘I’ that is we.
8. Honouring: Living with respect, gratitude and devotion to self, others and life.

Learning Outcomes:
Learn specific attitudes, postures, breathing patterns and movements to raise Kundalini (life force) energy, expand consciousness and use this awareness and energy to:

  • How to move from a life of scarcity, struggle and discomfort to one of abundance, ease and pleasure.
  • Open your heart: feel more connected, happier and deepen your experiences of love.
  • Reverse the negative impact stress is having on your health, work and quality of life.
  • Create deep and fulfilling relationships: Connect more deeply, refine your communication skills.
  • Learn new skills and playful ways of living and loving with more pleasure and ease in your life.
  • Deepen your understanding of your masculine and feminine energies.
  • Recharge your life and relationships – add passion and vitality.
  • Heal the past, heal shame and experience more lightness, innocence and freedom.
  • Experience a greater sense of blessing in your life.
  • Activate and channelling these primal life forces for health, well-being, love and the goodness of humanity.
  • Learn truly effective ways of connecting from our hearts. Ways of communicating that so that we feel heard honoured and respected.
  • Release fears of living in intimate loving relationships.
  • Discover the beauty, power and innocence of our sexuality. How to use this life force energy to deepen our connection with ourselves, our partner and open us to spiritually satisfying sexual experiences that enrich the depth of love and connection in our relationships.
  • How to create a healthy sexual expression and an abundance of fun and enjoyment.

Some Background
Many of us grow up not understanding how to direct these energies to create peace, happiness and contentment. We struggle to create ongoing loving relationships that continue to stay vibrant, connected and sources for enjoyment and positive growth.

Our early experiences with our parents form an impression of what a relationship is. We tend to live out this impression unconsciously, even though it may not give us what we want.

It can be easy to fall in love, but after the honeymoon period wears off, loving relationships need lots of nurturing to keep them alive. Rarely are long term loving relationships sustained by accident. In order for love to continue to grow it helps to develop ways of continuing to build connections., to nurture the love in your relationship and gain skills to keep the love alive.

The Program
The program is suitable for singles and couples


  • Intimacy and relationship dynamics
  • Creating loving relationships
  • Healthy and dysfunctional communication patterns
  • Co-dependency
  • Healing with siblings and past relationships