What’s it about?
Held at the same time, but in different locations Manhood and Womanhood is about men and women establishing a stronger, more resilient sense of self through understanding, celebrating and honoring the aspects of the masculine and feminine essence. This leads to appreciating the unique qualities we have as men and women, and establishing a powerful ground for loving ourselves as we are. We also develop appreciation and respect for our opposite gender.

Manhood / Womanhood aims to foster strong, open hearted, self assured men and women who:

  • love and respect ourselves and others
  • live with passion, sensitivity and guts
  • understand, embrace and celebrate our masculine and feminine aspects
  • are in touch with and trust our inner guidance – our hearts
  • live with healthy ideals, visions and role models
  • live our life truthfully, regardless of what others think
  • engage with partners, family and friends
  • are truly alive, living meaningful lives and making a difference
  • have a strong network of same gender friends and mentors
  • help to make the world a more peaceful, harmonious and wonderful place.

Rewards you can discover at Manhood / Womanhood

  • Inner strength, energy and passion: The ten steps we must take to be fully alive.
  • Clarity and Motivation: Identify your purpose in life, your values and future direction.
  • Relationships: How to deepen or attract and keep meaningful and healthy relationships.
  • Mastery: Gain skills to transform anger and frustration into energy for success.
  • Freedom: Clear issues that are causing unhappiness and holding you back in your life.
  • Confidence: To live your life, regardless of what others think.
  • Healing: Experience profound healing of long standing issues.
  • Reflection: Time-out to connect with yourself and get some perspective in your life.

Some Background
Women’s liberation released the masculine in women. As women took on men’s roles, they often unconsciously shamed their feminine qualities. Consequently gender roles have become less distinct and more blurred, to the point where now many women feel dissatisfied and many men feel lost.

The 21st century has seen men and women searching to find healthy and fulfilling ways of living and ways of relating. As traditional stereotypical roles have fallen away, we need to search for more primal or instinctive ways of understanding and expressing our masculine and feminine aspects.

Due to the loss of clear, healthy gender role identities, men and women often base their self worth on acceptance and approval from their opposite gender. This binds our self-esteem in a precarious situation: If we get disapproval or rejection, we experience a collapse of our self worth. Consequently, we tend to compromise ourselves to get the acceptance and approval we desire. In not being true to ourselves we lose self esteem and rob our relationship of the honesty required to keep it fresh, alive and growing.

The Program

Time will be spent for the men exploring their manhood and the women exploring their womanhood. There will also be time for each gender to honor the other.

Some of the topics covered include:
Cultivating Emotional Intelligence
Healing masculine and feminine shame
Healing it with Father and Mother
Fathering and Mothering yourself
Addictions and co-dependency
Mastering the drama cycle
Healing power of truth
Developing inner strength
Finding your own authority

The Seminar is facilitated by Nicholas and Susan de Castella.

They share a 12 year passionate, alive and loving relationship with space for each to grow into the fullness of their potential.