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MANHOOD is a 3 1/2 day residential heart opening retreat held in the Dandenong Ranges Rainforest on the outskirts of Melbourne.

The Manhood program assists men to develop Emotional Intelligence Skills to improve their lives: feel better, release stress, anxiety, frustration, deepen relationships, take greater control, work more effectively and move forward in life… And help make the world a better place.

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Welcome from Nicholas de Castella



Part I – The Difference between Men and Women

Understanding our Masculine and Feminine attributes


Part II – The Difference between Men and Women

Understanding our Biological Evolution


10 steps to Manhood…


Embracing Manhood…

Men and women are clearly different. They have different values, priorities and methods of communicating. The masculine essence is driven by a sense of mission whilst the feminine essence is seeking the flow of love through family or intimate relationships. 

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Open Hearted Mens Retreat October 18-21 – 2018



Do you ever wonder if this is all there is to life?
Even though you have achieved success do you feel dissatisfied or unfulfilled?
Do you feel that there is more to you than you show?

What is MANHOOD about?

The Manhood program assists men to develop Emotional Intelligence Skills to improve their lives: feel better, release stress, anxiety, frustration, deepen relationships, take greater control, work more effectively and move forward in life… And help make the world a better place.

• Inner strength, energy and passion: The ten steps every man must take to be fully alive.
• Control: How to manage stress and anxiety and be more calm and patient.
• Clarity and Motivation: Identify your purpose in life, your values and future direction.
• Relationships: How to deepen or attract and keep meaningful and healthy relationships. • Emotional Mastery: Gain skills to transform anger and frustration into energy for success.
• Freedom: Clear issues that are causing unhappiness and holding you back in your life.
• Confidence: To live your life, regardless of what others think.
• Better Health: Rejuvenation and restoration of body harmony.
• Healing: Experience profound healing of long standing issues.
• Reflection: Time-out to connect with yourself and get some perspective in your life.
• Sharing a weekend in the company of men who are willing to be real and supportive.


Any man who wants to make the most of his life and who has to has the courage to look at himself honestly, evolve and to grow. You probably know you are not going to find satisfaction from the things outside you. Success, happiness and contentment are the result of a positive attitude to life. If you are a man who would like to learn some Emotional Intelligence Skills to help you to be at your best, even when life is at it’s most challenging, then Manhood is for you.

The 5 Steps on the Journey to Manhood:
1. Gain Clarity: Discover a deeper truer, stronger ‘you’: Understand what it means to be a man, who you are, what you stand for, what your purpose is. And what’s been blocking you from living fully and boldly as a proud man
2. Clear Your Emotional Blockages: Release the burden of shame, guilt, resentment and destructive anger and fears and set yourself free to move forward in your life, strong and focused.
3. Open Your Heart: As you clear your blockages you connect in your heart and feel more peaceful, centred and alive: Access your inner knowing for better decisions, timing, and intuition.
4. Congruence Self Control: Take charge of your life by staying ‘true’. How to muster the courage to stay true to yourself and face difficult challenges. How to express yourself in healthy and productive ways. How to use your emotions to assist you in creating what you desire.
5. Stay on your edge: Commitment to living: The skills you have developed empower you to be all you can be. Receiving and responding to others in caring and honouring ways. Being of service to make the world a better place. 

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What men are saying about MANHOOD: Open Hearted Men Retreat

‘I Robbie Morgan, whom despised and detested other idea of a ‘Men’s Group’ am writing this after two days my mind and attitude have totally changed 100%. Never before have I felt so comfortable around a group of men, nor felt so at ease, strongly recommend from one who was so dubious and sceptical’. Take the challenge, Robert Morgan 

‘My life as a man was transformed in one afternoon –  from something I had attached unknowing shame to, into a beautiful, exciting proud part of my being. We gave to one another and ourselves a beautiful and rare gift, an experience of sanctuary and honouring, a starting place form whence to begin a life as a knowing man. To my fellow men I give thanks, for their courage and realness and willingness to share and celebrate their lives as men’. Peter Byass.

‘Manhood was an opportunity for me to get in touch with my spiritual and warrior natures during one weekend. As a result, it has helped me to regain my passion for life. Nicholas has the ability to help every man present, including myself, to find and declare who we really want to be. Ho!’ Barry Auchettel.

‘Thanks for the best weekend I have ever experienced. I learnt many things about myself and other significant people in my life. I took my stone to a meeting this morning and couldn’t stop smiling much to the bemusement of my business partners. The secret is safe.’ Michael T.

‘I feel alive and ready to take on the world without fear. The weekend was the beginning of the unlocking of the tremendous power of my love and my feelings and my emotions. I feel privileged to have been a part of it. and to have seen my fellow men revive their souls. I cherish their candour and their courage; and I thank them for it. I also thank Nicholas and the assists for their leadership support and encouragement.’ Allan 

‘An inspiring weekend. I can easily suggest to other men interested in healing. I have pushed myself further than usual, and feel great because of this. The agenda was kept to schedule (this I appreciate). Focusing on feelings and the Heart are these days very important to me. I felt the rights of Passage Ceremony and the use of Music very meaningful to me’. ‘Chris Hutchinson’

‘I found this manhood weekend challenging invigorating and very satisfying. After participating in PA and Leela, It was very beneficial just to have all male participants.
The right of passage ceremony was very different, but felt really good. Time will felt how beneficial. Thank you for the opportunity’. Graeme Sudholz

‘Thank you Nicholas, not only have you added years to my life, you have taught me how to enjoy it. Since I have learnt to speak my truth and live it , my blood pressure has returned to normal, that is, after 35 years!. ‘Robert Webb

‘The Manhood weekend was a blast for me. I had just as good a time as an assistant as I did as a participant. I learned to accept myself as a man and to let go of my opinions about the needs of others’. Ghandi

I really had no appreciation of what was to happen. At first I thought this is not for me. As the weekend unfolded it became obvious it was clearly for me. It takes courage to be involved but the rewards are overwhelming. I had the time of my life’. Michael Ryan

‘Nicholas’ design of activities for the group to undertake was enjoyed by all and his leadership skill in maintaining his presence proved a key to the men’s taste of transformation. Thanks for providing a vehicle for me to experience my greater self – relaxed, optimistic, cheerful, positive… Congratulations on who you’ve become, Nicholas’. Dennis

‘It takes guts to do this course but it’ll take more guts to be a Man! This course has been more revelling than anything I have ever done and it didn’t hurt much. I know I’m only at the gate and there is a long way to go but the right track has been pointed out to me’. Stretch Penrose

‘I’ve been in Men’s groups on and off over 10 years. This combination of raising energy and hence emotion, together with the skilful facilitation and support of other men, offered me a chance to go deeper into myself to find God within. This is one of the most important transformation courses for men to discover their true nature’. Dr Andrew Horwood

‘To experience the coming together of males and after two days to part with a modelled concept of being a man has been a privilege for me especially as I proceed through the last stage of the journey of life’. Graeme Stanton

 ‘This weekend was for me about claiming my warrior masculinity. This I have done. I was unconditionally accepted by my peers and fully expressed myself. I feel fantastic’. Steve Morris

‘Amazing to be around men who are not going to hurt me. Thank you Nicholas for allowing me this opportunity to rediscover what it is to be a man, the man I want to be’. Mark Pearce

‘Thanks Nicholas for a powerful and empowering experience. A wonderful realisation of my ability to find the answers within’. Brian”

‘I now feel like a man among men with the power to love myself and others. I feel empowered with freedom of expression and the clarity to see the way ahead as a man fulfilled.’ …and 6 months later… ‘I have been much stronger since the Manhood weekend, it was a great healing time for me. I have been able to make decisions now and live with them, knowing that I have faith in myself I have the courage to believe in myself as a man. Thanks to you  for this’ Rex Jessen.

‘The empowerment of this weekend is the essence of what manhood is about’. Alan McIntyre

‘Through working with a group of men, I have achieved a great release – freedom and peace’. Brad Miles

‘I was a bit apprehensive about coming at first but in the end I am very glad I did. It was so good to be with a bunch of guys that I didn’t even know and to go through the experience that I did with them. It would be grate to have a reunion one day to see how everybody has progressed.’ Tim Brown

‘Through this weekend I have opened my feelings and have seen some of the fears that were preventing me from being the person I want to be’. David Wingrove

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