What an awesome time we shared…


…one for the big learning to emerge from the seminar was ‘The Healing Relationship’.
which is about cultivating a state of being present and connected to ourselves that automatically induces a peak state of being where-in healing and deep loving connection with others arises spontaneously. This state of being arises through being relaxed and present in the now, with our breath flowing gently though our body and emotions whilst maintaining an open spacious mind of gentleness, acceptance and allowance, with heartfelt appreciation, Nicholas de Castella.

I really had good insights into what I am really feeling and why I may be feeling this way.I experienced how to get in touch with my feelings.
Name: Tim Huston, Queensland.

I re-established relationship with partner, opened up my heart, connected on a deep level I now know how to tap into my emotions. The best thing for me: a total lifting of shame. I learnt how to connect with myself on a deep heart level. My relationship with my husband has improved ‘beyond’ what I could have imagined and I am able to open up with intimacy and real connection. I Loved It! The best thing I have ever done for myself and my relationship.
Name: Gerry Huston, Queensland.

Passionately Alive has transformed the way I experience life and I really do feel more alive. I have overcome so many of my issues that were holding me back. I am feeling more confidence as I live from my heart, which is my truth. Passionately Alive is life changing and I would recommend it to anyone to do it because no matter what your path is in life this opens you up to all sorts of possibilities.
Name: Shani Suttie, Melbourne.

‘Just Do It’ even if you are just thinking about it or not sure, if you have anything at all, past or present, you can work on it in a safe environment. I had an awesome time! I can now move forward in my life, with more confidence in myself.
Name: Michael Berry, Sydney.

I was somewhat apprehensive before coming, but I had some real healings and great insights. I really appreciated the weekend. Thankyou for your wishes and love.
Name: Claire Scholfied, South Australia.

A fantastic course. I enjoyed every session even the challenging ones. I healed a lot of shame and moved from my head to my heart. Nicholas you created a loving and supportive space that really helped me to shift through a lot of shame and old pain. Thankyou.
Name: Joanna , Canberra.

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