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Webinar with Nicholas de castella

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Dear Open Hearted Friend,

Are you a go-getter that’s done all the hard work, built a pretty good life and think you should be happy; butyou’re not?

Instead do you find yourself feelingrestless, frustrated or that something’s missing?

Maybe your emotions are running your life… in the background.

Check out these tell tale symptoms:

Maybe you have a loving partner, a good job, your own homebut you’re just not happy.

Even though you try to be a nice person doyou find yourself at times becoming impatient,or irritable? Maybe you have an occasional outburst and then feel really bad about it?

Do you get exhausted from racing through your day, feel overwhelmed and find it hard to keep up with everything that needs to be done?

Is your health suffering? Are you sleeping Ok? Are you feeling tired or drained? Do you ever wish you could just stop the treadmill and get off?

And, have you noticed that lately you’ve been distant from your loved ones? Perhaps you’ve been avoiding others, not connecting to your friends as you used to? Possibly you can even feel yourself closing down, but don’t know how to stop it.

How about this: Do you feel blocked, stuck or like you’re not moving forward in your life as you want to? Are youfrustrated or disheartened because you’re working hard, doing your best but not getting ahead?

Maybe you feel let down because your life has not turned out the way you had hoped?

If you answered yes to any of these, then I guess you’re probably also tired of feeling like this?

The good news is…

All of these issues are symptoms of the same problem.
And I am going to show you what you can do to solve the problem.

Who am I to say this? – well, I’m a lot like you…

My story

My name is Nicholas de Castella and I used to believe if I just did the right things and worked hard, eventually I would find happiness.

So I got married, represented Australia in sport, became an architect, built my dream home, got a sports car and achieved a lot of great goals… but the happiness I had longed for still eluded me.

My search for happiness led me on a long journey where I gained deep understandings and developed powerful practicesfor healing and inner growth.

My solution

Since those early days, 25 years ago, I have been helping thousands of other people from all around the world, clear emotional blockages, open their hearts and live rich and prosperous lives as well.

And now, I have taken the nuts and bolts of what I teach in our famous ‘Passionately Alive‘ seminar and distilled it into a quick and effective 90 minute program called Come Alive and Thrive. In it you will learn how to master your emotions and live with an open heart so you can boost your level of success and contentment in the four key areas of your life: health, relationships, wealth and happiness.

Come and join Nicholas de Castella on Wednesday, 14 September at 8.00pm AEST for an inspiring and productive breakthrough training, absolutely FREE.


Did You Know?

Most people never become as happy and successful as they could be and go through life never knowing why.

The missing key to happiness, fulfilment, and success is Emotional Intelligence.


Nicholas has spent the last 25 years helping people to have breakthroughs in their life. He has presented his work around the world and has conducted over 7,000 sessions.

Nicholas will show you how to raise your Emotional Intelligence so you can create a life of freedom and fulfilment: creating a prosperous life with joy and ease doing what you love:

  1. Why Emotional Intelligence is the #1 ingredient for success and happiness.
    Understand what Emotional Intelligence really is and how to simply and quickly become an Emotional Intelligence super star.
  2. How to identify and free yourself from the toxic emotions that are ruining your life.
    As soon as you understand what is causing you to be stuck, blocked or held back you will instantly have essential information about how to free yourself to create your dream life.
  3. The biggest mistake that slows people down when trying to get ahead.
    Sadly many people are struggling and suffering from toxic emotions because we live in a culture that teaches us to repress what we feel. I’ll show you a simple secret to instantly create more ease and flow in your life.
  4. The 5 Steps to raise your Emotional Intelligence skills
    I am going to give you the exact 5 steps you must take so you can open your heart and enhance performance and productivity, deepen relationships, accelerate healing, increase well-being, find passion and live your life fully.

AND… Experience it PERSONALLY on the training…

Dissolve a block that has been holding you back, easily in only a few minutes!
Yes you will get to resolve a source of suffering and discomfort that has been causing you grief for years, quickly and permanently during our Training.


  • The freedom and exhilaration of living with an open heart
  • More energy and self-confidence than you have felt for years
  • A radiant sense of well-being and vitality
  • More harmonious, satisfying and loving relationships
  • Greater clarity and focus so you can make better decisions
  • Moving forward in your life with more ease and grace
  • Sharing your gifts and making the world a better place.


“If your life has problems in it, if there are things you have been wanting to say bottled up inside but never had the opportunity, I can endorse these programs as periods where you can nurture yourself and others and be nurtured in return, going back to your usual routine emotionally strengthened.” Dr Chris WimburyG.P.

“I had the pleasure of listening to a couple of your training sessions and knew I would benefit from Emotional Intelligence training and enhance my relationships on all levels. Have a much better understanding of myself and have the skills to change and let go where needed.
I loved the peace, calmness and a higher level of connection that came from the experience. I like all areas of the work that you do, but especially that it is a safe environment of love and non-judgement that encourages total honesty with oneself and the release of blocked energy (baggage) that weighed me down.” – Janet Mitchelson

“Re-established relationship with partner, opened up my heart, connected on a deep level I know how to tap into my emotions, best thing I have done for me, total lifting of shame, learnt how to connect with myself on a deep heart level. My relationship with my husband has improved ‘beyond’, and I am able to open up, with intimacy and real connection. Loved It! The best thing I have ever done for myself and my relationship.” – Gerry Huston