A hearty welcome to our Spring Newsletter from Nicholas and Susan…
Heart Opening is a lot like a spring flower blossoming…
We often begin our healing journey feeling vulnerable, tightly closed and shutting out any light while protecting the delicate internal structure (parts of ourselves that have been hurt).
Blossoming with a connection to your heart centre leads to the wonderful freedom of being who you truly are and sharing this to the world around you with confidence, beauty and love just as plants do in Spring with their flowers, colour and scents..
We are conceived with our hearts more or less open. By this I mean that we are relatively connected to the truth of our being, to our source, to the oneness with all things, to our innate beauty, to love. Our feelings flow through our bodies relatively freely. Feelings are our life-force, our animation, they provide us with personal power and create the ‘colour’ in our life…’
‘To heal and release the pain in our lives we need to accept all our feelings as valid and ‘real’ parts of ourselves, to stop judging some emotions as ‘good’ and others as ‘bad’. We need to practise accepting, letting go, allowing and surrendering……..’
Excerpt from: I Open My Heart by Nicholas de Castella
Passionately Alive Update
Dawn, Ange, Mary, Kathleen, Donita, Louise, Cassandra, Linda, Kathy, Elle, Bernadette, Ben, Marg, Nicholas, Jenny

Yep we had another pearler of a Passionately Alive! June 2016

You can see that something really special happened, not just because of the huge smiles on everyone’s face, but because of the energy that is radiating from this lovely group of brave souls willing to open their heart. Well done everyone in helping to make the world a more beautiful and loving place for everyone to shine!
Featured Passionately Alive Graduates
Mary Baddley is our featured Passionately Alive Graduate.

Mary completed Passionately Alive in June 2016. At the end of the seminar Mary wrote a note to us saying: “I feel so safe here and accepted, thank you for making the space for me to heal. I feel so good about the work I have done with my mum and dad. When I went back into the house I felt so loved and opened to loving myself. I have learnt how to keep my power through the PA experience.”

I spoke to Mary recently and she says that she is not the same person today; “After healing the grief of being abandoned as a child I no longer abandon myself. It’s like I’ve been rebirthed into my real self. Now I feel like I’m the richest person in the world – Rich as in feeling full of blessings.

Having resolved the feeling behind the story of my childhood (being abandoned) I can be there for others with more compassion and empathy. I used to be so introspective I forgot how my behaviour affected others. I was so hurt I didn’t see others hurt. Now I’m much more free to let my feeling is flow. I’m not scared to face my feelings; I can turn around and ask them what I need to know. I can also turn and face others without fear. I’m loving feeling freer to be me, speaking and living my truth”.
2016 Thrive Breathwork Practitioner Training Update

We are half way through this years Breathwork Practitioner Training and having an awesome time with a lovely group of heart centred folk keen to help make the world a more open hearted place! Here’s some of what people are saying about their experiences so far …..


“Alchemy is a fabulous workshop that I got so much out of. I learnt so much about myself that I had chosen not to look at before. This was such a beneficial healing for me there were so many amazing insights and my life has changed forever” Mary Spencer, Computer Programmer.

“I felt safe in this space to be myself and be vulnerable. The group is so accepting, nurturing and generous which enhances the healing process and a great space to fill your ‘love’ tank up”. Jenny May, Hospital Administrator.
“My health has improved due to all the shifts from the Breathwork sessions and letting go of so many things that I have been carrying for many years. This workshop has given me a greater sense of self and the hope for a happier, wealthier and healthier future.” Donita Duggan, Personal Carer.

“I feel loved, I know I am not alone anymore and I can sit with my pain, discomfort and move through it without running away as I have done in the past. I want to share with you that The Inner Child workshop can heal the oldest of wounds, your patterns longer serve you can be unravelled and

that no you can move on and lessen the load you are carrying. This is the space to feel more free.” Louise Holthouse, Mum.
“One of the most powerful workshops I have ever done. It clearly puts a person in the picture of their own life and takes them to a deeper level, you get the opportunity to connect the dots. I now have a clearer sense of who I am and how I became “me and why.” Donita Duggan, Personal Carer.
Like to know more about Thrive Breathwork?
Thrive Breathwork is a dynamic heart opening breathing process. The full Thrive Breathwork program is a 10 session, life transforming program in which you get to heal and clear the major blockages that have been holding you back or slowing you down from connecting to inner peace and happiness, creating loving relationships, enjoying well-being and living life fully.

We have just created a beautiful colour Thrive Breathwork Brochure that explains in simple terms how your breathing can be the catalyst for you to awaken to the basic goodness in yourself and in life.

 Click here to download our new brochure.
Like a Thrive Breathwork Session?

To stay open hearted, clear and on top of things in your life we recommend having a Breathwork session 3 times a year.

“With each Breathwork session I do I feel lighter and brighter and more equipped to move forward in my life. I can now see opportunities for me in abundance.” Marg Schooneveldt, Bank Officer.

Find a Thrive Breathwork practitioner near you…
We now have map of the world showing the location of all of our fully qualified Thrive Breathwork practitioners. Go to: http://breathwork.com.au/find-a-practitioner


There is an alarming trend in our culture. 40% of relationship breakdowns are couples with young kids. Studies show the kids are the innocent ones who suffer in this.
  • The four horseman (contempt, criticism, defensiveness and shutting down)
  • Separation – living increasingly separate lives
  • Loss of intimacy – no longer sharing private time
  • Flooding – feeling overwhelmed by negative emotions
  • Disengagement – not participating in family activities
  • Considering or preparing for a single life
The program helps parents (and couples) keep the love alive in their relationship.

There are 5 modules online program:

  • 1. Develop Kindness and Compassion
  • 2. Nurture Yourself so You can Be at Your Best
  • 3. Connect Heart to Heart with Your Beloved
  • 4. Build Your Love Team so You are Supported
  • 5. Celebrate Your Love with Your Partner
We are looking for Parents (and Couples) who want a passionate loving relationship!

There is a complimentary preview webinar on Wednesday 28th September at 8.00pm

Click here to register for this free preview webinar

The program begins on 19th October at 8.00pm

Congratulations Lisa! World Sports Model Champion

“I first started working with Nicholas at the end of 2014 after having achieved 2 big goals I’d set for myself and even in the midst of being “successful” I found myself feeling empty and lost inside. I had thought (unconsciously) that achieving these goals would be bring me happiness, success and fulfillment and once I reached them and there was no rainbows at the end of the tunnel, I found myself feeling really lost with no direction forward.

This is when I heard about Nicholas’ work and decided to sign up for the EQ101 online program to start my journey of learning about emotional intelligence, a concept I’d never heard of before and one in which I was deeply untrained in.

Being a very strong-minded, determined and 100% committed person to striving for success, I sure did a LOT of thinking and not much feeling. I went on to doing some 1on1 Sessions with Nicholas, bringing up, clearing and working through a lot of past unresolved issues, beliefs & past traumas in a very supportive, safe and open environment allowing healing.

I then went on to participate in the 3 day live-in Passionately Alive seminar. As challenging as it was, I learnt skills I’ve never even heard of anywhere before and things just started to make more sense.

12 months on from doing the work with Nicholas and being more conscious aware of my emotional intelligence, feelings and intuition I’m now shaping and forming the life I’ve always dreamt of. People, things and events are showing up in my life that I’m having to pinch myself to see if this is REAL. In fact I just won the World Championship Sports Modeling Competition in Florida, USA.

It hasn’t been an easy path to take, but I see it as an unavoidable one if you TRULY want to live your life on your terms as your best, most beautiful self. I would highly recommend starting your journey as soon as possible, even if its scares you beyond measure, start now. You’ll never feel ‘ready’ and the time will never be ‘perfect’, so get in there and start living the life of your dreams.

I’ll be forever grateful for Nicholas’ patience, presence & being so supportive during some of my most challenging moments. Thank You Nicholas”. Lisa Peterson

Heart Connections… Social Events

Christmas in July…

We all made it safely on one of the foggiest nights on the mountain for our fabulous ‘Christmas in July’ Social Gathering at the Old English: Pig ‘n’ Whistle in Olinda.

Certainly no one went hungry with the huge and delicious 3 course set menu. People meet up with old friends, made new friends and finally put faces to names.

A very merry bunch, I must say…

Next Social Gathering: MOVIE & MEAL

The Secret Life of PETS

A GREAT opportunity to spend time with our heart centred family, connect to your inner child and develop new friendships.

Come along to a hilarious ‘G’ rated movie and laugh for your way to JOY (kids welcome).

SAT. SEPT 24TH… Metro Cinema Boronia

Meal at Crave Restaurant, only a short walk away.

Session time and costs TBA

Phone Teresa to book your seat: 0419 586 810

A special thank you to Marisol Lopez and Teresa Ratcliff (Thrive Breathwork Practitioners) for forming the Social Committee.

“We are committed to keeping the HEART CONNECTION alive with like minded, heart centred beings and we hope it brings the opportunity for many to have fun, feel a sense of belonging and enhance joy in your life”.

Opportunities for You to Blossom in 2016… 

Free Webinar

Time to Connect…

Passionate Relationships!

Learn the 5 magic love moves to connect with your partner in love so you can create a secure and wholesome family environment to raise healthy, self-assured, creative and resilient children.

With Nicholas de Castella

Wed. 28 September 8pm


Core Clearing

1 Day Breakthrough Event
Clifton Hill, Melbourne.

Enjoy a radical shift in your life. Experience gently dissolving the blocks that hold you back and learn to access Heart Intelligence to live life to the fullest with ease and grace.

Sun. 2 October 10am-5pm


Passionately Alive

3 ½ Day Emotional
Intelligence Skills Training

You can release amazing amounts of negative emotions and learn simple yet life changing skills and practices that will bring more joy and ease and success into everything that you do.

20-23 October &
24-27 November


Online Program


Keep Your Love Alive

An empowering 5  week online program for parents (and couples) to keep the passion and fun alive in intimate relationships so they can create happy, confident families.

Begins October 19th

Preview session: Wednesday 28th September at 8.00pm

Click here to register >>


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