Japenese maplesDear friend,

This is a reminder to go deeper so you can take your life higher.

I am starting a little series on myths on the journey from head to heart.

Myth number 1 – Positive thinking works, thoughts are primary.

The first common misconception is that thoughts are
primary and that if you can just change your thinking
everything will turn out OK.

Well good luck with that one.

If you’re like me and been on this journey for a while (25 years for me)
you will know that trying to just change your thinking
is like trying to push a river up hill.

Sure positive thinking is important
but it is limited.

Because our culture is so cognitively oriented – Descartes said
‘I think therefore I am’, we assume that everything starts with a thought.

My approach is that if you look closely at each thought that arises
you will see that there is a feeling underlying it,
a feeling that is giving rise to that thought.

If you have a look you will see two type of thoughts:
Fear based – which tend to be negative
And love based – which tend to be positive.

A heart centred approach focuses not so much on
trying to change the thought
as resolving the feeling under the thinking.

By resolving the blocked emotions,
particularly of fear, anger and sadness
there is no energy to drive the negative thinking.

In fact once you have cleared the ‘negative emotion’
you will be in your heart, in a place of openness and calmness.

The thoughts that arise from peace, love and happiness are positve.

No effort required!

See if you can catch the feeling prior to your thoughts.
Ask yourself: ‘What feeling would have given rise to this thought?’

Then meet that feeling with love and openness.

Let me know how you go…

Love to you

Nicholas de Castella
Heart Centred Living Mentor
Institute of Heart Intellligence