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A  Heart Centred Fun and Inspiring Day

Gain Clarity, Direction and Motivation

In this FUN workshop you will discover:

• How to clearly define the exact goals you want to achieve in 2013

• How to overcome procrastination, overwhelm and get organised

• How to balance work and family life without going mad in the process

• How to get more done than you ever thought possible

• How to avoid time wasters

• How to increase your energy, enthusiasm and health

• How to stay on track and keep moving forward in your life

Then in 2014…

• You can achieve heaps and make 2014 a great year!

• You can attend to the REALLY IMPORTANT things in your life

• You can have better BALANCE, health and success

• You can have what you want happen much more easily

• You can have more time to do what YOU want to do

• You can have more energy, motivation and enthusiasm

• You can feel much more confident and better about yourself

Making the most of your life

One of the keys to making the most of your life is getting clear about what you want. If you are not clear then your energy is scattered and it is easy to find yourself putting in 50% effort and going along with whatever comes up, not paying attention to what is really important.

Clarity leads to power. A laser beam’s power is created by the focusing of scattered light into a single beam. Similarly, as we get clear about what is important to us we are better able to focus our time and energy. When we develop a clear picture of what we want, we set a powerful force in motion that begins turning our vision into a reality.


When: Sunday February 2, 10.00am – 5.30pm

Where: ‘The Centre 172 Noone St. Clifton Hill

Investment: $147 per person (bring a friend for $3)



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About the Presenter

  Nicholas de Castella. Nicholas’ passion is living life fully. Inhis youth he represented Australia four times in World Cross Country Running Championships. Originally trained as an architect, Nicholas has been teaching success principles for the last 22 years. Today he is a Director of The Institute of Heart Intelligence, Founding President of The Quantum Breathwork Association. Author of ‘Keys To Emotional Mastery’ and he has conducted workshops in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, South Africa and England. He has a passionate marriage to his beautiful wife Susan. They have two young sons: Charles and Alexander.






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