ALCHEMY: Creating A Truly Abundant Life

I am so excited to welcome you to this special online webinar on how to create a truly abundant life. I have been both very lucky and blessed to have discovered the keys to creating happiness and success.

This is the inner game of how to win the outer game. Have ever wondered why things go wrong, even with the best laid plans and intentions?

You can know all the success strategies and principles, but if you are not clear and aligned inside, nothing will work. Without this knowledge your best efforts could easily be plagued by disappointment, self sabotage, procrastination and apparently unavoidable failures.

On the webinar you will learn how to take greater control of your life:

  • A new model for success that is based from the heart on balance, ease and grace
  • How to identify what your ideal life would look like
  • The 5 steps to create vibrant health, abundant wealth, happiness and passionate loving relationships
  • The top 20 blocks to success that cause us to struggle and get disappointing results in life
  • The top 12 ways to induce flow and develop a more optimistic, resilient and enthusiastic attitude
  • How to Master self sabotage: clear patterns that keep us stuck in under achievement

Just click on the Image  above and let me show you how to discover keys to enhancing performance: at work, in sport and life in general. You can achieve: faster, easier and with more fun and save time and earn more money so you can take care of your loved ones and enjoy your life.


Alchemy: Gain tools to achieve Genuine Success!

“Your mind is like a great computer. The logistical team even.

But what good is a computer without an operator?

Your heart is the operator. It provides the inspiration and energy to make things happen

Align you mind and heart and you have an unstoppable success formula”.

About me… Nicholas de Castella

Nicholas de Castella

Genuine Success is…

Genuine Success is about experiencing abundance. An abundance of time, energy, money, friends, achievements… without compromising your health, freedom, family

You have abilities to achieve beyond what you can imagine. You are an infinitely creative being, living in a box of your childhood conditioning – what you can and can not achieve. Alchemy is all about giving you the skills to create what you want.

23 years ago, I was struggling with life, suffering from anxiety and chronic fatigue.

I discovered the keys for how to create success and happiness.

Today I am living my dream life:

  • I enjoy a passionate, loving relationship.
  • My wife, Susan, and I have 2 healthy, vibrant young boys.
  • Financial freedom.
  • Live in the beautiful Dandenong rainforest.
  • Doing what we love, helping to make the world a better place.

I invite you to come and learn how to harness more of your potential by consciously aligning your mind and heart to:

  • Understand why you get the results you do in life
  • Transform struggle and frustration into ease and grace
  • Cultivate a more optimistic, resilient and enthusiastic attitude
  • Learn to consciously direct your mind for health, wealth, healing and loving relationships
  • Calm your mind at will and induce inner peace
  • Improve concentration and memory,
  • Sleep better – go to sleep more quickly, sleep more deeply, wake more refreshed
  • Improve self image to feel better about the person you are
  • Master self sabotage: clear patterns that keep us stuck in under achievement
  • Enhance your body’s ability to heal by improving your immune system functioning
  • Discover keys to enhancing performance: at work, in sport and life in general
  • Clarify direction in life and increase motivation
  • Achieve more – more quickly and easily and with more fun
  • Take greater control of your life
  • Save time and earn more money so you can take care of your family and enjoy more play.

What’s Alchemy about?

This is an opportunity to unlock more of the potential that lies dormant within you, by channeling your resources, mastering the subconscious, limiting thoughts and emotions (usually formed in childhood) that restrict you and cause struggle and misery today.

Learn how to let them go and how to direct your subconscious to achieve happiness and success: improve self esteem and self confidence, create loving relationships, for healing and wellbeing, and enhanced performances at work, in sport, and in life generally.

Here are five step to designing and creating your dream life:


You must have a dream – from your heart, that you are passionate about.

Your box is too small – the limitations we accept as normal are the result of our conditioning.

Expand your mind: Consider the wonder of the stars – on the clear crisp dark evening when there are no clouds do you ever look up at night time sky and marvel at the stars.

What would happen if you got to the edge of the universe and then put a stick out

Go for big dreams – they create excitement. Put your wings out and let yourself soar. What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

Remember: There is no order of difficulty in miracles

Dreams can be in different areas

  • Self Actualisation
  • Relationships
  • Business – Vocation – Career
  • Lifestyle – what you spend your time doing
  • Living Environment – where you live
  • Achievements – sport, adventure, creativity
  • Holiday
  • Service to the world


The most common blocks to clear are:

  • Guilt
  • Shame
  • Resentment
  • Negative Thinking
  • Complacency
  • Fear of failure
  • Living in a box that is too small
  • Doubt
  • Scarcity Consciousness
  • Inadequacy
  • Dis – Trust
  • Money shame
  • Jealousy
  • Procrastination
  • Over scheduling / tasking
  • Self Sabotage
  • Hard Work Paradigm
  • Struggle Pattern
  • Drama
  • Martyr / Saviour / Controller / Doer

3. INDUCE EASE and GRACE (ease)

Grace is unmerited favor give freely from the divine. We can increase and decrease how much we receive. The above list is about clearing the things that decrease grace, the list below are ways to increase grace in your life

  • Commit – Miracles arise from conviction. Aligns your energy like a laser beam to success.
  • Be Present – Stay on track and make less mistakes and get more done
  • Live in Love – Keep your heart open. This attracts good things
  • Be Optimistic – Have a positive attitude, what you focus on expands
  • Be Generous – sow the seeds of wealth and abundance


When we live in alignment with our deepest values and truth we find an inner strength and resilience to tackle challenges, overcome setbacks and find fulfilment no matter what the outcome. To live congruently requires us to align our head and our heart, stay focused on the really important goals and create strategies that assist us to achieve our dreams.


The universe rewards action. The difference between a dream and a fantasy is that you can make a dream come true. When you take action toward your dream you affirm to the universe that you’re are committed to making it a reality. When you take one step towards your dream, the universe takes two steps towards assisting you to make it a reality.

“People think that they will be happy when they are successful.

I say it is the other way around. Success arrives when we are happy.” The Buddha.

Some Background

In 1988, over 25 years ago, I discovered that my outer life was an expression of my inner world: I gained the keys to understanding why my life was going the way it was and even better, I discovered how to take control and create massive success and happiness.

‘Metaphysics’: the underlying order of things: the relationship between your thoughts and attitudes and the results you get. Until you truly understand and master metaphysics you will continue to struggle and be frustrated. Like playing a game of basketball without understanding the rules: you keep getting fouled out.

Happiness and success are states of mind. They are not an accident, nor do they go automatically to the wealthy or the lucky. They are available to us all. When you are pursuing your personal legend, life supports you in your quest.

The Alchemy Program

* Metaphysics: conscious creating

* Meditation skill development

* Discovering your personal legend – purpose in life

* The new paradigm from Quantum Physics

* Metaphysical Training: Manifesting your life consciously

* Harnessing the power of the mind, affirming universe exercise

* Releasing negatively limiting mental and emotional patterns

* How to program yourself to be more effective and creative

* Beyond Good and Bad – judgements, comparisons and expectations

* The creation of pain, suffering and struggle and joy, ease and freedom

* Healing shame & emotional release processing

* Breathing skills: healing through the breath

* The magic of Goal setting

* Reprogramming limitation – the mind for success

* Primal myths and eternal laws


Dates & Times: Thursday 7.00pm till Sunday 5.00pm July 16-19. 

Investment: $2,970 (includes all food and accommodation)

Early Bird discount $2,470.  Booked Before July 12 (Credit Cards Accepted)

EASY PAYMENT PLAN :  4 payments of  $650 Click here (At 21 day intervals)

Venue:  Hazeldell. 220 Basin Olinda Rd. The Basin. Victoria


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About the facilitator: Nicholas de Castella

Originally trained as an Architect, Nicholas has over 20 years experience as a psychotherpist teaching Emotional Intelligence Seminars throughout Australia, in New Zealand, USA, Canada, South Africa and England.

In his youth Nicholas represented Australia 4 times in International Athletic World Championships. He ran 2 hours 15 minutes for the marathon.

In 1998 suffering from chronic fatigue he looked within for answers and transformed his life!

In 1991 he left his profession as an Architect to assist other on their life journey.

Nicholas is author of ‘Keys To Emotional Mastery’, Founding President of the Australian Breathworks Association, Director of the Institute of Heart Intelligence and a Breathwork Practitioner Trainer. Nicholas was  on a committee which  gained government certification for Breathwork Trainings at Certificate III, IV and Diploma levels.

Nicholas is a keynote presenter. He conducts private sessions, Men’s weekends, Passionately Alive Seminars, Relationship Seminars and Breathwork Practitioner Trainings.

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