Transforming the physical into the spiritual: Generosity

By Nicholas de Castella

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Introduction to Transforming the physical into the spiritual: Generosity
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  • The Perils of Miserliness
  • The Benefits of Generosity
  • Generosity Practices
  • By the Way

What isn’t given is lost
So when the world is on fire with ageing and death,one should salvage [one’s wealth] by

what’s given is well salvaged.
What’s given bears fruit as pleasure. What isn’t given does not:
thieves take it away, or kings; it gets burnt by fire or lost.
— SN 1.41

I would like to invite you to pause for a moment, focus on your heart, and breath gently. Call to mind someone you love or some of the good things you are blessed to enjoy in your life. Breathe as if you could breathe into your heart and see if you can feel a sense of expansion, openness, fullness, spaciousness or abundance. [We call this a Heart

It is from this place of connection and open heartedness that the spirit of generosity flows naturally. And in expressing generous we feel an even larger sense of expansion and oneness.

Last week I wrote about Tonglen, the practice of welcoming suffering in and breathing out peace, happiness and gratitude.

This week I want to focus your attention on Tonglen’s cousin, generosity. The practice of giving freely from a place of compassion, abundance and love. The origins of the word generosity are denoting noble birth. My family motto is: To serve God is to Rule”. I started
these weekly Heart Thoughts as my way of expressing generosity this year, my way of giving something freely as a way of being of service.

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