Heart Centring

By Nicholas de Castella

Spring Flowers-narrow

Deep within you is an infinite, unchanging well of peace, happiness, love and contentment.

To access this life sustaining essence we need to tune in and connect a pipeline inside, to our heart, where such nourishment abides.

As I discussed last week, we have lost our ‘Heart Connection’ in the face of unmanageable pain. The strength of your heart connection is proportional to how open your heart is (see last weeks Heart Thought)

When we have this ‘Heart Connection’ in place we can return ‘home’ whenever we need to replenish our spirit.

Sustaining a Heart Connection changes every moment of our day and everything we do.

Scientific research is now showing that we function at our peak physically, mentally and emotionally, when we are centred in our hearts. For example:

  • we think and comprehend more clearly
  • we remember things better
  • our immune system functions optimally
  • we relate to others more harmoniously
  • we have more energy, get less tired and we sleep more deeply
  • we get less frustrated, more patient and our days flow more smoothly
  • perform at our peak physically

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