Heart Manifesting

By Nicholas de Castella

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Here is a summary of this article
We are manifesting our lives in accordance with the state of our heart.
First we feel it then we see it
Open or closed?
These are physicalsensations
Often I am not aware of the state of my heart
It is not important what I am thinking, wishing, hoping but what I am feeling
When your heart is relaxed and open everything flows easily.
The key is to consciously practice creating positive heart states.

Heart Practice
Check in and notice the state of your heart regularly
Cultivate states consistent with the outcomes you desire

We are manifesting our lives in accordance with the state of our heart.
Whatever is happening inside our hearts is reflected in what happens in our daily life. How we are feeling gives rise to what we think, how we act, how we do what we do, the results we get and the responses we get from others.

First we feel it then we see it.

How we feel affects what we see. What we are feeling influences what we focus on and how we filter and interpret what happens around us. If we are feeling unhappy, then we will tend to notice the things that are not so good and interpret what happens pessimistically. When we are feeling happy we tend to notice good things and interpret the challenges in a positive way.

And more magically I have noticed after 20 years of careful observation that what happens in my day (apparently by coincidence [co-incidence]) is a reflection of what’s happening in my heart – more than what is in my mind. I can be wishing it were this way and hoping it will be that, but underneath if these urges are based on fear and its associated grasping, as wishing and hoping usually are) then the chances are high that I will not get what I want. I believe that our thoughts are miniscule in their power to manifest compared to our feelings.


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