Living a Heart Centred Life

By Nicholas de Castella

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By connecting with our heart we can learn to transform anxiety and frustration into excitement and ease, and experience the wealth of peace, freedom, happiness and love that is our true nature.

Current research is indicating that centring ourselves in our heart raises functioning at all levels.

It enhances our health, improving immune system functioning by bringing the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems into balance.

It has been shown that spending quality time connecting with our heart lowers the stress hormone ‘Cortisol’ and raises the anti-aging hormone DHEA and this is restorative to the whole body.

Performance at work, school and in sport has also to been shown to be enhanced by centring ourselves in our hearts.

There is little doubt that performance can be significantly improved by learning to develop a positive emotional attitude. Performance, is enhanced as our feelings become more positive. For example learning to shift from frustration to ease. It may take a while to develop the new attitude, but, it’s well worth the effort.

We also relate at our peak when we connect and share from our hearts. Learning to keep our hearts open, even when expressing anger, enables issues to be cleared and relationships to deepen.

Our heart is also a great source of inner guidance and also a place of spiritual connection, as in the ‘Sacred Heart of Jesus’ No doubt you are familiar with the term: ‘listen to your heart’. When we centre ourselves in our hearts, we can receive messages about issues in our lives. However, our guidance
only comes for our next step. The mind is usually thinking ahead, making up five year plans and strategising, but when we live from our hearts we receive information about what we need to do today.

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