Tuning in

By Nicholas de Castella

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Introduction to Tuning in
  • Shift from thinking to feeling
  • Tune into your Body
  • Tune into your Emotions
  • Tuning into Your Heart
  • Heart Qualities are Eternal
  • Heart Qualities are enlivening
  • Living from your heart

The first step in Living a Heart Centered Life is learning to ‘Tune in’. Tuning in means becoming more aware of what is present – within us. Tuning in is about dropping inside, opening and feeling into ourselves. Dropping thoughts and stories and tuning into our bodily sensations, our emotions and our hearts. It requires us to stop. Stop trying to get somewhere and make something happen. And instead be with what is happening. When we do this we connect with ourselves deeply, promote healing and transformation and gain invaluable information about what is really going on, what we need to do and how to best respond to the moment.

We spend an inordinate amount of time focused on the things outside of us. We stay busy with the concerns of the world around us. We work in the world, spend a lot of time thinking about what we are going to do and how we are going to do it, what other people are doing and how they are responding to us.

The more we focus on what is around us the less in touch with ourselves. What we focus on expands. When our attention is on what is around us we become more aware of what’s outside and less aware of what is within us.

Many people are constantly scanning their environment, looking for signs of danger. This can have its origins in growing up in a household where there was lots of drama. Maybe we had to scan the environment to see if mum or dad were angry or maybe we had to be on our guard to make sure we did the ‘right thing’ (not our thing) to get acceptance and approval.

Because our eyes look outwards there is a tendency to look outside of us for the answers to our problems. We often find ourselves trying to modify the outer world so that we can get other people’s approval, acceptance, be happy and secure.

The more we look outside, the more remote we become from ourselves and the more empty, lost and confused we become and the more disconnected we feel from others (and they from us) and life. Nothing outside of us can produce lasting contentment. We live in a transitory world where everything is in a constant state of flux – endless cycles of birth, maturity, death and disintegration. We are constantly getting and losing.

The answers to unhappiness, stress, anxiety and frustrations lies within. Within you is an infinite and abiding calmness, peace, love and perfect wholeness beyond words. We call this our true nature because it is timeless and unchanging. We experience this truth through connecting with our heart.

We have become out of touch with this vast wealth within for two reasons:

Firstly, we have shut down our hearts to survive when the intensity of pain was too great for us to integrate at that time. We have been hurt and shut down on the feelings in order to continue to function. We were born with our hearts more or less fully open. Life force, our emotions, flowed freely through our bodies. We did not judge this as good and that as bad, we just experienced it all as it is. But along comes some painful experiences – of being rejected, abandoned, criticised… and we closed off on the pain of these feelings.