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Is Your Next Step: Building a Thriving Breathwork Practice?



As a Breathwork graduate I would like to know if you would like to:

  1. Build a Thriving Healing and Empowerment Business
  2. Become a Leader and Breathwork Group Facilitator Breathwork Business Building Training.

My goal for those who attend is to guide them in building a six figure Healing Practice.

The Training is specifically going to show you how to:

  • Find and enrol eager clients looking to grow
  • Create your own image that makes you unique, eliminates the competition,
    allows you to get awesome results and charge good money for your services
  • Build a list of followers who love what you do
  • Give a persuasive presentation that enrols clients (called a signature talk)
  • Set up your website so that it attracts clients
  • Build an integrated product suite that generates great income
  • Create a solid marketing program including free initial strategy consultations

My vision is for us to work together as a team to actually create the business that you want,
not just give you information and leave it to you.

Become a Leader and Breathwork Group Facilitator

TheNicholas presenting crowd small next level of your growth and business development could be to become a leader and
run your own Breathwork Groups.

  • Doing Group Breathwork Sessions is a great way to leverage your time and energy.
  • You can get 10 or 20 people paying you to do a breathe at the same time.
  • Group sessions are usually run at a discounted rate which means they are easier
    for people to afford.
  • Group Breathwork Sessions are also a great way of introducing more people to
    Breathwork and some of them will follow on into private sessions.

Plus we are setting up a 2 day ‘Come Alive and Thrive’ Breathwork workshop that will be
given to trainees to present. The workshop will be promoted through common website and
links to your area will be available.

NICHOLAS THAILAND 2013 smallOne of the saddest things that I see is people finishing the Breathwork Training with heaps
of enthusiasm and then struggle to get their own practice up and running. Eventually
many people have lost heart and then gone back to get a job.

As you know for the last 24 years Susan and I have generated an abundance of clients, a dream life and financial wealth from our Breathwork Practice. We have lived a wonderful lifestyle, working our own hours,
from home and have travelled around the world doing sessions. Susan and I have bought
our healing centre in Clifton Hill and our retreat centre in the Dandenong
Ranges rainforest. Plus we have surrounded ourselves with lovely open hearted people
who share a passion for growth.

The programs will include mentoring from me and mastermind peer support. And we will
spend time clearing your inner blocks that have been stopping you from the success,
wealth and happiness you deserve.

We will also be building a thriving community of people who are passionate about
Breathwork and open hearted living and who want to hang out, have fun and be creative

At this stage I would like to know if this is something you would like to find out more

If you are interested in the possibility of joining us and would like to find out more click:

‘Yes I am interested in finding out more’.

Then I will organise a teleseminar where those who are interested can talk more about this.

Lots of love,


P.S. – You could be the best Breathworker in the world and have no clients if you can’t
promote yourself. Conversely to have a great Breathwork Business you do not have to be
the best Breathworker but you do need to work out how to create a great business.