The Healing Power of Connected Breathing

Futile Breathing

Due to poor breathing habits, limiting decisions about ourselves, and suppressing emotional experiences, the average person utilises only about 1 litre of their 6 to 7 litre lung capacity. These dysfunctional breathing habits, are known as futile breathing, being characterised by short, shallow irregular breathes and tends to be associated with internal stress and disharmony leading to confusion, tiredness, illness, and poor results in life generally.

Connected Breathing

During Connected Breathing the breath is guided back to its natural state: relaxed, rhythmic, flowing, and open. This promotes the ‘whole body’ integration of our physical, mental, and emotional states of being .

Eastern cultures have explored the power inherent in the breath and speak of the energy as ‘chi’ or ‘prana’. Our breath is a major source of energy supply . About 16 to 17 times per minute we say “yes ” to continuing our life here on Earth and take another breath. We breathe about 10,000 litres a day, oxygenating some 27 trillion (27,000,000,000,000) cells.

Expanded Awareness

By practising connected breathing in a relaxed, passive state we start to ‘build up’ the amount of energy in our bodies. Our vibrational rate starts to increase and we seem to ‘shift gears’ and open the door-way to altered states of consciousness. In the presence of an experienced practitioner, we then have an opportunity to gently release suppressed or unresolved emotional experiences and gain valuable insights into our lives.