Dear friend,

Thank you for your interest.

If you were waiting at a bus stop and bumped into Peter Grinlington who told you:

“Apart from getting married and having children, nothing else has had such a profound impact on my life”

Would you be curious to find out what he was talking about?

and if Ros Stewart was also there and she said:

“It has changed my life! Never in my wildest dreams did I anticipate in the span of twenty weeks would I process so much, grow so much and move forward with such confidence.”

Would you be even more interested to find out more?

And what if Annette Baulch was there also and she added:

My heart feels like an open, wise and lifelong friend. I have a new job, a wonderful new relationship, a sense of spiritual connection and an openness to life which is still amazing to me and those who know me. The most incredible thing is that it is now 18 months since I completed the training and the changes are still happening! I urge you to remove the obstacles and just do it!”

Wouldn’t you want to know what was going on?

And wouldn’t you be jumping out of your skin if you heard Judy Constable say:

“A very dear friend told me that I would be given a key. They said it would open up what I have always been searching for and I would be blown away by it.

I found that key at Breathwork. It was the key to my heart and yep, I am blown away…”

All of these people are talking about one the most profound experiences they have ever had:


(and Certificate in Breathwork)

Like winning Tattslotto…
In the same way as people dream of winning lotto, I have spent the last 22 years assembling in my mind and heart the ultimate personal transformation process.

… a five month life transforming journey of heart opening, emotional healing, empowerment and deep connection to your core: peaceful, happy, free and contented.

I have conducted over 15,000 Breathwork sessions over the last 20 years and I am still amazed and inspired by the power of this simple breathing technique for healing, heart opening and personal empowerment. I just love it!

A select group (the training is limited to 12 participants) and an abundance of time ensure that each participant receives the personalised attention from me to make personal breakthroughs in each area of their life.

Two levels of attendance
You can attend at either of two levels: PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT or PRACTITIONER

You may choose to attend the training purely for your personal development. I believe that therapists cannot guide anyone further into heart opening than they have journeyed themselves. Furthermore it is the quality of a healers’ presence or energy more than any knowledge that they may have that determines their healing potential. Thus a major focus of the training will be the growth of each trainee.

This training will be conducted with a strong and loving group of people who are committed to both their own growth and to supporting that of others. The training offers an intense transformational process over a five month period. Thus it is an opportunity for participants to enrich the quality of their lives, experience major shifts forward in their personal level of awareness, effectiveness and love.

PRACTITIONER – Certificate in Breathwork
The training offers you an excellent opportunity to gain qualifications to establish a rich and rewarding career in Emotional Healing and Empowerment – an area of healing that is rapidly gaining interest and recognition.

This may be the opportunity you have been looking for to gain greater skills in assisting others on the journey of heart opening and personal empowerment. My experience as a healer has been that this is a remarkably powerful healing modality that enables people to grow and make changes quickly and easily. I continue to experience feelings of deep satisfaction and joy in seeing the effects of this process on others.

Since I began working with the breath ‘spirit’ has continually lifted and guided me forward. I have now been working for nineteen years full time as a Breathworker. In that time I have facilitated over 15,000 sessions. I have travelled the globe three times ‘doing sessions’.

I have always found that people turn up looking for a session at the right time and I have always had plenty of clients.

If you would like to practice as a Breathwork Therapist, you are required to attend the additional practitioner training days.

The Training Format
The Training is conducted in 5 modules over a five month period (one per month).

This holistic, heart centred program is a systematic in-depth life review where you get to look at what works for you and what does not. While building on your strengths we clear blocks that stop you being the person you long to be and empower you towards creating the life you want to live.

There are five Modules:


True wealth is about abundance: An abundance of time, energy, money, friends, achievements… You have abilities to achieve beyond what you can imagine. But maybe not the training on how to harness these abilities. 23 years ago, I was struggling with life when I discovered the keys for how to create massive success and happiness. At Creating Wealth I would like to teach you the skills


Healing your ‘inner child’, is about finding self love and inner wholeness by completing unresolved childhood issues and reconnecting with your natural beauty, innocence, wonder and enthusiasm for life.


Men and women establishing a stronger, more resilient sense of self through understanding, celebrating and honouring the aspects of the masculine and feminine essence.


This program is suitable for singles and couples. Learn heart based skills to establish connection so you can grow and have more fun times together. Loving Relationships are built on empathy, honesty, compassion, generosity and playfulness.


You are not your thoughts, body or emotions. Who you are, your true spiritual nature, is timeless, unchanging, perfect and whole. To realise this is a radical breakthrough.
Once you experience this truth, your whole life will forever be different.

Practitioner days

An extra day (Monday) is added to each module for those wishing to train as a Breathwork Practitioner.

There will also be two business development days near the end of the trainng to assist you to establish your practice.

The Facilitators
The Training is primarily facilitated by Nicholas de Castella and co-facilitated by his wife Susan. Both highly experienced Breathworkers, they have both spent over half their lives exploring personal development. They share a passion for personal growth and bring a depth of love and understanding to the journey.

To participate in the training you need to have a personal commitment to your own healing process and a desire to help others. As the training will prepare you to practice healing you do not have to feel ready to be a therapist right now. You simply need to feel a desire to bring more love into the world. An important aspect of the training will be to expose and release blockages that may restrict your confidence as a healer.

I believe that healers are like bridges or conduits. The healer guides the client from where they are to as far as that particular healer can go. We need different kinds of healers with different experiences and backgrounds to draw on. People seem to be magically drawn to particular healers because that healer can help them to cross their next bridge. This is good news for you as a healer because it means that to be able to assist others it is not necessary to have completely healed all areas of your life.

On completion of the training the trainee will be qualified to apply for accreditation with the Australian Breathwork Association.

On going support and development
We have regular meetings as part of our on going support and back up program for therapists. This takes the form of regular gatherings where we can pool resources and further our understanding of Breathwork and Emotional Process Work. We share about issues that have arisen in sessions, both examples of things that worked well and times where we were feeling a bit unsure. We also continue our own personal development with Breathwork and Emotional Process sessions with our fellow therapists.

‘Hazeldell’ in the Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne, Victoria. (A door to door aiport bus service is available for interstate participants)

Modules Dates
Creating Wealth 14th – 17th July
Awakening Your Inner Child 11th – 14th August
Manhood & Womanhood 8th – 11th September
Relationship 13th – 16th October
Radical Breakthroughs(Spirituality) 11th – 13th November

Practitioner Training Days
Attendance at above modules plus the folowing Practitioner Training Days:

18th July, 15th August, 12th September, 17th October, 14th November

Fees include all accomodation and meals. We do include a high ropes course and a overnight stay for one weekend at no additional cost to you.

Personal development level (5 Modules).
The full price of the training is $5,652. The Early Bird discounted price is $4,572 if paid by June 16

Practitioner Level(5 Modules plus practitioner training days).
The full price of the training is $8,652. The Early Bird discounted price is $7,572if paid by June 16

Early Bird Booking BONUSES (if paid by June 16)
One ticket to Passionately Alive (Valued at $1570)
Business Development modules – 2 days (valued at $700)

There will be a maximum of 14 participants. I have a list of very interested potential trainees on my books, so if you want to make sure your ‘in’, please let me know as soon as possible. Places will be allocated upon the receipt of full payment or a $200 deposit.

Special financial arrangements can also be made. Please phone me if the financial limitations are restricting your participation and we will see what we can work out.

To apply you must fill in the attached registration form and return it with either your $200 deposit or full payment to The Institute of Heart Intelligence as soon as possible to ensure your place.

The training starts JULY 14! Places are already filling.

The training has booked out in the past.

In closing…

I am very much looking forward to experiencing the strength and depth of support, truth and love that will be present during the training…and no doubt long after!

If you wish to discuss your participation further please give me a call on 03 9739 8889.

On behalf of Susan, We wish you peace, love and happiness.

Warm Regards,

NIcholas de Castella
Master Breathwork Practitioner and Trainer
Institute of Heart Intelligence Pty Ltd.


“The most powerful transformational work I’ve done-and it opens up a satisfying occupational choice as well! I now experience so much more energy, peace and strength. Friends have noticed changes. Best decision I’ve made in years. Thanks Nicholas.” David Horwood


“The changes in my life after having done the Breathwork Training have been monumental.” Ellen Henderson


“The dedicated group of people in this course provided a safe and loving space for me to learn to trust again, to open myself further into living my truth and to become more peaceful and free.” Rene Robinson

Training Program Outline

Themes covered include:
Introduction to Breathworks. What is Healing?
Metaphysical Training: Manifesting Your Own Life
The Power of the Mind, Affirming Universe Exercise
Beyond Judgments, Comparisons and Expectations
The Creation of Pain and Suffering Struggle, Joy and Ease
Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
Healing Shame & Emotional Release Processing
Breathing Skills – Healing through the Breath
Goal Setting

Conception, Womb & Birth Effects on Personality
Birth Exercise
Order of Emotions – a Map for Healing
Understanding the Grieving Process
Breathworks Skills
Primal Myths and Eternal Laws

Inner Child Healing techniques
Needs and Developmental Stages
Self Image and Self Esteem Building
Personality and Family Roles
Emotional Mastery – Feeling Healing
Parental Disapproval Syndrome
Channelling Anger Creatively – Claiming your Power
Forgiveness Healing Guilt, Resentment and Shame
Healing Power of Truth

Making Breakthroughs – Mastery over fear
The Anatomy of Fear
Birth and Fear
Fear and Attack
High Ropes Course
Mind Generated Emotion

Healing it with Mother
Mothering Yourself
Embracing the Feminine
Forgiveness, Mercy & Nurturing
Family Dynamics

Healing it with Father
Embracing the Masculine
Fathering Yourself
Finding your Own Authority
Developing Inner Strength
Counselling Skills
Advanced Breathworks Skills

Prosperity and Abundance Programming
Giving and Receiving Pleasure
Prosperity Principles
Understanding the Money Game
Warm Water Breathwork

Intimacy and Relationship Dynamics
Creating Loving Relationships
Healthy and Dysfunctional Communication Patterns
Healing it with Siblings and Past Relationships
Creating your Own Brochure
Cold Water Breathworks
Reading Personality through the 5 Body Types

Sacred Sexuality
Channelling Kundalini Energy
Tantric Exercises
Understanding Suppressed Incest Patterns
Living with Enthusiasm and Joy
Healing Therapist Shame
Releasing Blocks to being a Healer

Spirituality: discovering the Mystery that is You
The Ego and the I am
Clearing the ‘Unconscious Death Urge’
The Charkras
Past Lives
Discovering Your Purpose & Service
Establishing Your Own Practice

The training concludes with a graduation celebration.