Nicholas’ Christmas Greeting 2017

I’d like to take a few moments to thank you for your presence in 2016.

I’d also like to wish you a joyous festive season where we celebrate the year.

At this time of year it’s a great idea to take some time out to reflect on the year. It’s great to think about the things that you have achieved, the things that you’ve learnt and the blessings that you’ve enjoyed. This is also an important time for resting and regenerating.

I’d like to take this opportunity to explain the principle that comes out of nature. When we live from our heart we tune in to the natural rhythms of life. When we live from our head we think in straight lines, if something is happening we assume that it’s going to keep on going in the same direction. For example, if you’re feeling down or tired and you rest your mind is going to tell you that you might keep on going down and never get back up again, fall into some kind of abyss.

When we live from our heart we realise that Life Flows In Cycles. 

Events begin at conception; develop to birth, and on to maturity and finally death. These four points on a circle mark transitions into the next stage of the cycle.

Between conception and birth is gestation, between birth and maturity is growth, between maturity and death is withering and between death and conception is evolution.

Everything that happens on earth goes through these four phases. Each day, this video, this breath all go through these stages.

I have attached a diagram of the cycles of life.

You can download a copy here:

The fourth quadrant is the one most applicable at this time of year.

Obviously we are coming to the end of the year, and so this is a time of reflection, to think about the things that we’ve achieved, the lessons we’ve learned and the blessings we have enjoyed.

I suggest that you take some time for reflection and I have attached a simple checklist that you can fill in. You can download your copy here:

Soon, on New Year’s Eve, we will be celebrating the completion of this cycle called 2016 and the start of the next.

What I really want to draw your attention to is the next quadrant: Evolution.

The evolution stage has a number of important aspects:

  • Chaos and confusion,
  • Stillness, low energy and low motivation,
  • Integration and repair,
  • Re-generation and transformation.

Each of these aspects is essential for us to complete and get the maximum benefit from this phase.

Sometimes people are afraid that if they stop pushing hard and giving to their weariness, they may never get up again. But when you understand that life proceeds in cycles you can take console in the understanding that whatever you feeling is temporary, and if you’re feeling down and out that you need to surrender to this because this is a natural phase in life and just around the corner something new and exciting is waiting to be conceived.

So my wish for you is that you take some time to reflect on this year, you celebrate what you’ve achieved and learnt, and then you take a well earned rest and recuperation time it out so that you can bounce into 2017 feeling recharged, refreshed and ready to put your heart and soul into having an awesome year. 

We are heading up near Nowra in NSW for some fun in the sun for 3 weeks. We run our own little health camp there with: Morning Salutes to the Sun, a run around the camp area, break some body surfing, lunch, a nap, more body surfing, camp fire dinner, sleep then we do it all again the next day 🙂

Towards the end of January (Sunday the 22nd) we are have a heart visioning day: 2017 By Design, where you can connect inside to your deepest longing and plant some seeds that can grow into success and happiness for the year a head. You can attend in person or online!

For now I wish for you is that the peace love and happiness in your heart flourish in your life.

Kind Regards

Nicholas (and Susan)

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