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The Beauty of Emotional Healing.

This article is about the beauty of working as a Breathwork Practitioner and Emotional Healing. You can be an emotional healer whether you are a husband, wife, friend, mother, father, therapist or conscious humanitarian. Everybody you meet and share with benefits from you being connected to and living from your heart with compassion.


After over 20 years practice, I still love using the power of the breath for emotional healing as not only do our clients experience benefit, but I also enjoy healing and growth.


Benefits of Emotional Healing for others (clients)…

Changes are made quickly and simply

Change happens with ease and grace

Gain practical ways of being kind and gentle with ourselves

Permanent shifts are made at deep levels

Great insights happen as they realize what the real issues are

Feelings of freedom arise as old emotional baggage is released

A sense of empowerment arises as understandings arise as to what has been driving them and what they can do differently

More presence, connection and aliveness abounds


Benefits of Emotional Healing for us (the practitioner)…

We regularly feel loving peace inside

We create trust with others quickly and easily

We are less likely to get stuck and blocked in shame because they are met in the heart

We get to facilitate real effective changes in others by resolving the feelings driving harmful thinking and behavior

We experience deep satisfaction from being part of such profound shifts

We learn to be more kind, gentle and compassionate with ourselves

Our own heart opens through practicing compassion for others

We continue to become more present, connected and alive

We enjoy fulfilling connections with others

We become part of a greater force than ourselves at work

We learn to surrender control and trust life

A sense of being blessed and supported by life grows

We get to experience being the best ‘me’ I can be



What is Emotional Healing?

Through Breathwork, emotional healing uses compassion as an instrument for the resolution of suffering, blockages and empowers people to live rich, full, happy and successful lives


Compassion is to care for suffering, others and our own. To be in a state of a love, even in discomfort. It involves a willingness to be in relationship, which means being connected, fully open, available, welcoming and present. Allowing ourselves to feel all our feelings.