Core Clearing Acceptance Page


Sunday June 23 10am-5.00pm 172 Noone St Clifton Hill 

Dear friend,

Welcome! We are very excited to be sharing the day with you on Sunday because we have had an awesome response to an awesome process. This is to confirm you are booked into the day and we are expecting you.

Be excited, because the Core Clearing process not only helps you to identify and dissolve the blocks that have been stopping you from moving forward in your life, it also opens up a whole new wonderful way of living – from your heart.

When we live from our heart we experience more inner peace, clarity and inspiration, we connect with others more deeply, we make wiser decisions and life seems to magically conspire to support us: people turn up just when we need them, things flow more easily and synchronicity abounds.

I have a lot to share with you, in fact the challenge is to keep it simple and go slowly enough to share, not just a whole lot of information, but actually to guide you gently to the doorway of your heart.

Funnily enough the most difficult part of this process is keeping it simple! Whilst the mind loves complexity, my experience is the truth is simple. In my 22 years teaching this material I keep finding it gets simpler and simpler, easier and easier.



If you want to get the most from the day I strongly recommend that you do two things:

1. Download and fill in the Gaining Clarity Worksheet and bring it along with you. Just filling the sheet in makes a shift for many of our clients.

I have uploaded it to: Clarity Playsheet

2. Pop on over to our website ( and download my free 5 minute Heart Centring Meditation and the excerpt from my Keys to Emotional Mastery.

Do your best to listen to the hear Centring meditation as often as possible and read the ebook before the day.

A couple of house keeping items

Make sure you bring with you

A notebook and pen

Your Lunch

Please arrive by 9.45 so we can get going at 10am sharp

I look forward to sharing a great day with you

Warm Regards

Nicholas de Castella