MBS Nicholas and susan 2013We had an awesome time at the Mind Body and Spirit Festival!

I felt more and more touched as strangers became friends as we 
laughed and cried together as theyshared about their pain, their 
worries and their triumphs.

And I was a little recked yesterday after 4 days very full days.

But still loving the work!

Talking about loving…

We have our CORE CLEARING DAY on Sunday week (June 23rd)
which is going to be an absoulte pearler!

This is a really powerful and simple NEW TECHNIQUE for having 
breakthoroughs in your life (it only took 20 years to develop).

I highly encourage you to join us for the day – worth a quick flight to 
Melbourne for the day if you an interstater (it is in Clifton Hill).

Just pop over to 

and fill in the registration – the link is at the bottom of the page.

This is the special web page with the $100 discount – 
which is available till MIDNIGHT  on FRIDAY 

I am really looking forward to sharing the day with you as I know 
it is going to not only be a lot of fun, but people will also experience 
profound shifts and insights into making their lives richer.

I promise I will make it well worth your while 🙂

Hearty Regards

Oh and by the way… on the day we are giving away a full expenses paid 
ticket to Passionately Alive worth $2470 (early bird $1970)

CORE CLEARING: check it out…

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