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Corporate Training in Emotional Intelligence
Enhancing Peformance and Productivity
“What really matters for success, character, happiness and life long achievements is a definite set of emotional skills – your EQ – not just purely cognitive abilities that are measured by conventional IQ tests”Dr Daniel Goleman from his Number 1 best seller “Emotional Intelligence – Why it can matter more than IQ.
Would you like to increase staff performance and productivity? We can help you achieve this.

The Institute of Heart Intelligence has been operating since 1992 around Australia and in New Zealand, USA, Canada, South Africa and England. The Seminar team has an in-depth knowledge about emotional health and is therefore able to achieve measurable results with individuals and organisations.

The Institue conducts seminars in a unique way to assist people to develop a strong, healthy and stable emotional core. It means bringing emotions into balance. People learn to understand how their emotions affect them and how their emotions can serve them and empower them to get what they want from life.

There are two major aspects to the seminars.

    1. Participants reclaim their sense of aliveness by releasing unresolved, emotional blockages,

    2. Participants learn the necessary skills to master their emotions

Our clients inform us that technique-based training uses up significant amounts of the training budget but all to often provide little in the way of sustained results. Usually after the honeymoon period back at work, old ways are taken of the shelf, given a good polish over and then put back into action.

Techniques are merely unactioned knowledge if the person does not feel like using them or is not inspired by them. The major trouble is in sustaining their use. They rely on willpower. Your staff may know the techniques but have difficulty in making them a habit.

Your staff will learn something they know will work and can practice. When staff have a fundamental shift in the way they perform improvements are inevitable.


The training programs for the clients have been varied and specifically targeted at:

  • Emotional Intelligence – Cpacity to manage emotions effectively
  • Personal Development – Self awareness and ability to express potential
  • Increasing Self Esteem – Awareness of self worth
  • Stress Management – Ability to work in a relaxed and efficient manner
  • Motivation – Energy Enhancement and Enthusiasm
  • Increasing Personal and Professional Pro-activity
  • Attitudinal Healing – Sustaining Positive Attitudes
  • Goal Setting and Achieving
  • Emotional Health – Inner harmony resulting in lsess illness
  • Communication Effectiveness – Ability to articulate feelings
  • Courage – Learning to take action in thte face of fear
  • Team Building – Greater sense of harmony and co-operation
  • Self Empowered Teams – Greater pro-activity
  • Conflict Resolution – Ability to listen to others and resolve differances
  • Management & Organisational Development

The Institute of Heart Intelligence teaches from the basic premise that everyone can achieve what they want to, but very few have obtained the necessary skills or knowledge to live a powerful, fulfilling and self-motivated life.

Learning Outcomes

Our programs are designed to enhance competency, harmony, satisfaction and attitude by raising Emotional Intelligence. The programs facilitate the development of particpants in the following areas:

Emotional Literacy: Knowing one’s internal states, preferences, resources and intuitions

Emotional Mastery: Managing one’s internal states, impulses and resources

Dynamics of Change: Emotional Tendencies that guide or facilitate reaching goals

Interpersonal Empathy: Awareness of others feelings, needs, and concerns

Group Empathy: Adeptness at relating to and managing responses in others
Emotional Literacy: Knowing one’s internal states, preferences, resources and intuitions

Emotional awareness: Recognising one’s emotions and their effects Accurate self-assessment: Knowing one’s strengths and limits Self-confidence: A strong sense of one’s self-worth and capabilities

  • Emotional Mastery: Managing one’s internal states, impulses and resources

Self-Control: Keeping disruptive emotions and impulses in check Trustworthiness: Maintaining standards of honesty and integrity Conscientiousness; Taking responsibility for personal performance Adaptability: Flexibility in handling change Innovation; Being comfortable with novel ideas, approaches and new information

  •  Dynamics of Change: Emotional Tendencies that guide or facilitate reaching goals

Facilitating change: Initiating or managing change Achievement drive: Striving to improve or meet a standard of excellence Commitment: Aligning with the goals of the group or organization Initiative: Readiness to act on opportunities Optimism: Persistence in pursuing goals despite obstacles and setbacks

  •  Interpersonal Empathy: Awareness of others feelings, needs, and concerns

Understanding others: Sensing others feelings and perspectives and taking an active interest in their concern Developing others: Sensing others development needs and bolstering their abilities Service orientation: Anticipating, recognising, and meeting customers needs Leveraging diversity: Cultivating opportunities through different kinds of people Communication: Listening, openly and sending convincing messages Conflict management: Negotiating and resolving disagreements

  •  Group Empathy: Adeptness at including desirable responses in others

Influence: Wielding effective tactics for persuasion Political awareness: Reading a group’s emotional currents and power relationships Leadership: Inspiring and guiding individuals and groups Building bonds: Nurturing instrumental relationships Collaboration and cooperation: Working with others toward shared goals
Team capabilities: Creating group synergy in pursuing collective goals.


1. Passion for Success – phase 1

1. Passion for Success – phase 1
This seminar is an introduction to Emotional Intelligence training that focuses on the teaching of 7 Keys to increase the vibrance raising in the workplace. The essentials of reprogramming for success will be covered with practical application of each of the 7 Keys.

2. Passion for Success – phase 2
This seminar builds on phase 1 and provides a more in depth study in Emotional Intelligence. Additional topics covered are The Power of the Mind, Manifesting your own life, Goal setting, Beyond Judgments, Comparisons and Expectations.

 3. Making Breakthroughs – Fear – phase 1
This seminar is focused on teaching participants to mange fear and breaks free from limitations. The focus is on teaching how to release old patterns that are restricting and gain clarity for increased performance.

 4. From Fear to Success Consciousness – High Ropes Course – phase 2
This leads on from phase 1 with the practical component of a High ropes Course. . Participants will have the unique opportunity to directly face fear, which provides participants with a useful and unique tool for surpassing their fears. Be they the fear of success or failure, expressing themselves fully, asking for a promotion, and getting those extra sales. They will have the opportunity to turn fear into action and discover the results that 100% commitment brings.

Custom designed programs are available for your business or interest group.
Contact our office on 03 9482 3552 and arrange an appointment to discuss your needs.


Institute of Heart Intelligence
Based in Melbourne The Institute of Heart Intelligence promote and provide transformational training on both a personal and professional level to the general public as well as to Corporations. In terms of experience and expertise all staff have an in-depth knowledge of emotional Intelligence and are Professionally Trained Breathworkers who each have successful practices in Breathwork and emotional healing. All The Institute staff meet the accreditation standards of the Australian Breathwork College and Australian Breathwork Foundation.
The Institute of Heart Intelligence has worked with such clients as,

Monash University

Kerang Hospital

Swan Hill Hospital

Farm Management 500

The Whole Health Institute – Perth

Landcare Health Conference

Mallee Catchment Management Authority

Swan Hill Psychological Services

Transport Accident Commission

Kooloonong/Natya Landcare Group

Horsham Whole Health Clinic

Nicholas de Castella
Nicholas de Castella heads The Institute of Heart Intelligence. He is the President of the Australian Breathwork Foundation and a member of the Australian Institute of Transformational Technologies. He is the Author of “Keys to Emotional Mastery”, he is a certified Quantum Process Practitioner, trained in John Bradshaw’s, ‘Non-shaming’/Gestalt Therapy.

Nicholas holds a degree in architecture and uses his training to design courses to meet the needs of people today for the tasks of tomorrow.

He is a former marathon runner having represented Australia four times in World Athletic Championships draws on his successful athletic career and on fourteen years experience in the field of Emotional Health to design and conduct Power of Presence Seminars.

Nicholas has a successful practice in Melbourne conducting private sessions, weekly group meetings. He is a presenter and lecturer in Emotional Mastery, is a Breathworks Trainer and has conducted Emotional Intelligence Trainings in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, South Africa and England.

Nicholas de Castella is highly regarded for his ability to offer a unique way for people to learn about their emotions and for his teaching, which consistently has a lasting impact on people.

Emotional Intelligence cannot be achieved by talking; it has to be felt for one to develop real understanding. Nicholas is highly regarded for his ability to teach people about their feelings. He is highly regarded for his wisdom and particularly empathetic and compassionate approach to helping people achieve Emotional Mastery.


For Nicholas de Castella:
1. Dr Jo Horwood 03 5381 1522
Horesham Wholistic Health Clinic

Dr Horwood has personally attended Passionately Alive Seminars and has referred over 100 clients to the seminars. He reports that the vast majority of the patients he has referred have found the seminar to be a life changing experience, giving them renewed energy, lifting their depression, anxiety and giving them skills for tackling what lies ahead.
2. Stephen McAnulty Psychologist 03 5033 1266
Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service

Stephen has himself attended Passionately Alive Seminars and has referred clients. He has seen the positive effects the seminar has had on his clients. Stephen has found referring clients to the seminars to be an incredibly cost effective addition to their rehabilitation programs. It substantially increases the speed of their return to work, even those who prior to completing the seminar had been stuck in their disability.
3. Roger McQueen 03 5030 5214
President Kooloonong Natya Landcare Group

The feedback regarding a Key Note address by Nicholas. The Key Note address titled ” Less Stress &endash; More Success delved into an area that has not been addressed before. The emotive nature of the address has had a lasting effect on the audience and was a topic of public comment well after the event,
4. Matt McCarthy 03 5441 6176
Project Officer Farm Management 500

Passionately Alive seminars have been delivered to many Farm Management members for over two years. The seminars have brought a new perspective and Nicholas never fails to engage participants. We can strongly recommend the services.



Give Stress and Anxiety the Flick, Misery the Boot and Say: Hello to Joy and Ease! 

Enjoy a collection of powerful resources to start you emotional empowerment journey today 


By Nicholas de Castella

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