Transformation: Making Changes with Breathwork

Emotional Release As a culture we are ’emotionally stifled’. We are taught to suppress most of our feelings. We do not know how to express our feelings to enhance our personal power, effectiveness and peaceful interactions. Typically the emotions of sadness, anger, and fear are suppressed. The suppression of feelings, however does not mean the freedom from them. On the contrary, it seems that the harder we suppress them, the harder they pursue us.

Connected breathing gives us an opportunity to develop emotional freedom. In a safe and supportive, environment we can release our feelings gently. This often leads to feelings of lightness and great relief, like dropping a heavy load off our back that we have been carrying around for a long time. People also report experiencing feelings of inner peace, harmony, love, joy for life, and a freedom to be who we truly are.

New Decisions : New Results At the time of releasing the suppressed emotions we gain an opportunity to become aware of the first time that we made limiting decisions about ourselves, others, and life. These decisions are the basis of our beliefs and usually reside in our subconscious. Though we may be unaware of them, they affect virtually everything we do.

By becoming aware of the context in which we first made a negative decision about ourselves and having released the emotional charge on it, we have the power to make new, life enhancing, decisions. New decisions mean new beliefs, thoughts, actions, and results!

Deep Connections The connected breathing process often leads to a deep connection with the very core of our being. This leads to understandings of ourselves, our purpose in life and our place in the universe at a very deep level.