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Childhood Conditioning Healing

This is Your Invitation…

I am so excited to welcome you to Heart Empowerment: Regain your authentic power to make your life work.

Clear what has prevented you reaching your full potential.
Connect to your heart, stand in your truth and be who you are.
Give your greatest gift to the world – YOU!


Listen to a 90 minute teaching on how to live an empowered life with Nicholas de Castella

At the Heart Empowerment Seminar you will learn the 9 Essential Growth steps to Empower you to Create a beautiful,
Successful life from your heart.

Register today and attend the EMPOWERED HEART for $1970 
($500 Early Bird Discount till Thursday 12th July. Use Coupon Code: YES)

I am so excited to invite you to a special online EMPOWERED HEART seminar on how to live from your heart, gain the confidence to be genuinely who you are, speak your truth and live the life you are here to live.

Empowerment is the freedom to be who you are and to do what you want to do.  To live from your heart,  as your own authority, with the courage and trust to enter into the mystery of life, to commit to your vision, take risks, to fail and to persevere, experiencing each moment as a blessing and gifting others with your presence.

As children we are so open to life, free and spontaneously expressive. Then we learn what is acceptable and what is not. We get put in a box of conditioning that enables us to survive our childhood but invariably becomes limiting in adulthood.

Have ever felt frustrated because you did all the right things, was a nice person, polite, not make waves and tried to get along, only to find that in the end you missed out?

Or maybe you rebelled, do your own thing, only to find yourself alone and left behind? Would you like to learn how to be a heart centred leader and inspire people?

On Seminar you will:

  • Find a new model of STRENGTH based on love, vulnerability and integrity and inspiration
  • Learn the 7 steps to create the CONFIDENCE to be who you are and live your truth
  • Identify the patterns from the past that cause us to live below our potential
  • Begin to release the chains that have kept you bound in self doubt and unworthiness
  • Discover the keys to shape your life as an expression of your spirit

So You Can:

  • Find renewed inner strength, harmony, energy and self acceptance
  • Reconnect with the beautiful, magical inner child that is dormant within you.
  • Heal the wounds you have been carrying that cause you to feel an underlying sadness, anxiety, frustration, anger, aloneness or emptiness
  • Be empowered to nurture and self sooth yourself
  • Feel the wholeness and freedom within to follow your heart
  • Use your voice to set your boundaries, express your thoughts and feelings
  • Have your needs met: receive love and support from others
  • Set yourself free so that you can shine your light
  • Create strong and supportive teams, friendships and loving relationships
  • Become a visionary leader who inspires teams to achieve
  • Live, love, laugh, play and be loved.

Just click on the button  above and let me show you how to discover keys to enhancing performance: at work, in sport and life in general. You can achieve: faster, easier and with more fun and save time and earn more money so you can take care of your loved ones and enjoy your life.

We reward action takers, so if you’re ready to make today a turning point in your life,we have a reward for you.


Register today and attend the EMPOWERED HEART for $1970 
$500 Early Bird discount till Thursday the 12th July


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With love and blessings,
Nicholas de Castella
Director: Institute of Heart Intelligence



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