Following Your Heart

By Nicholas de Castella

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Introduction to Following Your Heart
  • The are two aspects to following your heart
  • Intuition without action is not much value.
  • Most people don’t trust their feelings.
  • Valuable guidance comes from our hearts.
  • But you have to be in touch
  • Following your heart can be uncomfortable

Do you do what is sensible, what people expect of you? Are you good and do what a good person should do? Do you try to please others and do the right thing?

Or do you listen to your heart and follow it? Do you check in and ask “What do I feel here, and what would I love to do?”.

Do you stay safe, in control, avoid making decisions, stick to the familiar or are you open to new experiences? Do you want to live fully, are you willing to risk failure and disappointment for the sake of truth?

If you follow your heart things will tend to flow more smoothly, you will make less mistakes and you cannot help but live the life you are meant to live and make a difference in the world.

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