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The other day I was coaching a guy who was not getting any lately – now we all know how important to our happiness a bit of a cuddle is (And good thing too – the survival of humanity depends on it).


So I asked him what he was doing about it – and he gave me the WRONG ANSWER

See if you make this mistake…


You see he told me he was TRYING TO PLEASE HER!


Ha Ha Ha – as if that is going to get her juices flowing – have you ever put the your shirt in the washing basket only to be jumped on the way out of the bathroom – not me and it is not likely to happen for you either.


Yerrr sure pleasing her will stop her from moaning and nagging – get her off your back

 – but it ain’t going to turn her on.


All trying to please her does for you is disappoint and frustrate you that after being a good boy, you don’t get the candy. Your frustration is definitely not an aphrodisiac!

For that you need to get into your masculine – so she can get out of her masculine 

(wearing the pants that is ) and into her feminine.


You see as long as you ain’t being a man, she ain’t being a woman either.


Not sure what it means to be a man? 


No it does not mean getting drunk at the footy – she’s unlikely to be aroused by that either


Not surprising you may not know what it means to be a man – cause chances are – your dad was not around to tell you. And even if he was around he may not have known either.


If you have read down to here you may be lookin for some more lovin with your partner

 (or like to know for future reference)



I have put together a presentation where I outline the 10 things you need to do to get

 into your manhood so she can surrender into her womanhood.


Without it she wont trust you…


Like to know the answer to this age old question?


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Oh and let me know how you go… 




This presentation is in preparation for 

our forthcoming mens weekend in 2 weeks time.


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