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Emotional Empowerment

Congratulations on tacking a step towards living Passionately Alive!

On this page you will find some great resources to get your heart opening journey going straight way.

There is mounting evidence to suggest that our feelings play a major role in our level of success, harmonious relationships, health and happiness. When the heart and mind function in synchronization we feel at peace, perform at our peak, relate to others in a meaningful way and experience better health and well being.

After 25 years of conducting emotional healing workshops and over 10,000 sessions I am absolutely convinced that anxiety, stress, depression, addiction, overwhelm, relationship conflict, overeating, weight issues are the symptoms of repressing our emotions!

Most treatments available are only bandaids, masking the real issue – that we are walking around with loads of repressed sadness, fear, anger and hurt.

To experience true healing, returning to wholeness and inner peace you need to gently resolve the emotional trauma you are carrying and reconnect to the feeling part of yourself – your heart. Your heart is the source of inner peace, happiness, love and contentment.

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Here are your resources:

HeartCentringCD28KB 5 minute Heart Centering Meditation
You can immediately begin connecting in your heart and cultivate inner peace, clarity, focus and gratitude.




Institute of Heart_ Head to Heart Heart to Heart Presentation
My landmark audio presentation so you can immediately make sense of why you are feeling the way you are and what to do now.



Keys to Emotional Mastery E-book
You can raise your level of emotional literacy, self awareness so you are more in touch and better equipped to respond to to any situation at any time.



Remember I have given these as gifts to you and you can access them whenever you like.

if you have enjoyed these resources and would like to go further and consider attending Passionately Alive – our 3 1/2 residential life transforming program.

At Passionately Alive you will learn powerful, practical Emotional Intelligence skills that you will use for the rest of you life to deepen relationships, find your passion and live it, accelerate healing and find inner peace and happiness.

You will also gain clarity and direction, release the blockages that have been holding you back and open your heart so you can come alive and thrive.

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If you have anything we can assist you with, please feel free to email us by clicking here or phone us on 03 9739 8889.

I look forward to sharing in your heart opening journey

Kind Regards,

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