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What is Passionately Alive Like?

I finally found a way to forgive myself for some of the things I faced as a very young soldier during the Vietnam War. I found the way to forgive those who had wronged me, but not for them – it was for me. I was able to find forgiveness for a brutal childhood. It has now given me inner peace and allowed me to focus on my purpose and passion in life: of helping others in the serving military, veterans and most importantly their families.
As a result of the workshop what has changed is my attitude towards me – I’ve let go of my anger! I can now forgive. I can now be present; I can now be in my heart. I can now be tolerant: no more resentment, no blame, no recrimination.
I will focus on my future, my passion, my relationship, my success, my future joy, happiness and financial freedom. Kevin Lloyd-Thomas.

Just Do It! With honesty and courage you will gain tremendous insight about yourself and others and your relationships!
I feel loved again and have hope that my partner and I can get through challenging times together. I have found the little Irene again and will love and care for her, to make her happy and remember to have fun.
P.A. is intense, daring, courageous, loving and fun. Irene Lidvaer

Passionately Alive gave me an insight into who I really am. I uncovered and recovered, the essence of me as a human being. This experience has strengthened my relationships with my friends and family. It has opened up opportunities for my life, to live more complete, happier and fulfilled.
I now going to look after me first and share with immediate family. I will approach our finances from the heart, that is, look inside as to what, how, and when. I will strive toward and achieve my goals from my heart and create my life and goals in service to others. I will change my employment sooner rather than later. How? Create It!
Thanks, Hilton Gibson.

This weekend helped me to just live in the present moment rather than always being in the future or the past. I also learnt I can be happy by following my path by helping others by valuing myself, and what I can share.
I now trust and belief in myself and love myself for who I am. The change that will continue is I’ll be more positive. I now know to value myself, and that I’ll express my love for my life partner and our family in an honest and open way.
PA is a great weekend. Nicholas and his team are fantastic facilitators, supporting all of us in our varying journeys.             Robert Cole.

Attending Passionately Alive has allowed me to sort through some anger and resentment issues allowing me to go forward with more peace and ease.
I am confident that I can listen to my heart and live my life with joy, ease, and grace. I want to fill my life and being with the light from living my life with joy.
My relationship with Robert has changed for the better and will continue to improve as we implement the heart practices we have learnt here. By listening to my heart I also hope to find my passion so I can fill my retirement with fun and excitement. Thankyou Nicholas, Susan, Rod, Penny and Marisol. Terri Cole.

This is a time and a space where all the ‘B.S.’ can be dropped and your authentic self can shine through, even if just for a moment! This moment is never lost as you can always come back to it because it is who you are.
P.A is a space where strangers who feel separate from the beginning, experience SO much love that there is only oneness.
I will be leading my life with LOVE. I am dropping perfectionism within myself and with loved ones around me. I will DROP JUDGEMENT and BE WILLING to make MISTAKES…!
Thank you to all the loving beings in the group. Thank you to all the support that Nicholas and Susan and all assistants gave so freely and lovingly the whole time here. Teresa Ratcliffe.

After my experiences at Passionately Alive I’m starting to open up to my feelings and emotions. This has helped me connect with others and myself. I am now starting to appreciate myself, and others by living from my heart instead of my head. I’m starting to love and acknowledge myself and learning to follow my heart rather than my head in relationships, work and play.
Penny, Rod and Marisol were the most awesome support team. Andrew Moore.

Passionately Alive has transformed my life in the most invigorating ways. I have so much more positive energy and I use my time so much more productively! DO IT!! NOW!! Everything has changed as a result of this workshop. My appreciation of my truly wonderful life and the people, places, animals and events in it explodes. I am present to enjoy them.
Thank you, thank you, Nicholas you are a gift of the divine and your generosity blows me away and capacity for love and healing. You being you, Nicholas and Susan, and wonderful Rod, Penny, Marisol too! Lizzie Moore.

I’ve been to a lot of workshops, so I wasn’t sure how much I would benefit. Nicholas you have a wonderful talent for drawing many subtle strings together to weave a simple yet sophisticated safe place for clearing and healing. It’s a rare skill and I have been privileged to be part of this group. Thank you for helping me to identify and shift some quite hard-core rubbish, which was only possible in the space you created. I am looking forward to walking out and seeing what unfolds now.
I have short circuited the shame factor, got a very effective new clearing tool and made, major shifts in the blocks I have to any new relationship. I am open to what will come out in my life now without expectation, but I’m sure it’s going to be positive. The food was beautiful! Thank you, Bridgette Lumiere.

Passionately Alive allows you to live in your heart. It is the true essence of who we are, it is living in the now, where as, painful or being restrictive is a result of living in the head. From now on I will say no to what I don’t want instead of pleasing everyone else, I am going to do more of what my heart says.
The other participants are a reflection of whom I am, to see the changes in them is such a privilege. The love that we shared is amazing. We need more people like Nicholas and Susan. Cassandra Bailey.

I have gained insights into emotions that I have buried deeply to avoid feeling them. Burying these emotions, has meant that I have repeated behaviours many times that have not led to positive experiences but which I could not understand why I kept repeating them. This weekend has allowed me to feel and express these emotions and to understand how to take these skills away with me to enhance my life and to allow me to live and enjoy being in the present.
The release of some of the buried emotion, the affirmations that I have made during the Breathwork, Core Clearing and other sessions will help me to embrace and embed the wonders of this experience into how I live my life.
Life takes us on unexpected paths when we allow ourselves to recognise and accept the opportunities. Thanks Nicholas, Susan, Penny, Rod and Marisol. Geoff Harris.

I have discovered there is another way to live my life: with peace and ease!
I have broken done the walls of insecurity, which has made me move to being open and authentic. I have equipped myself with the skills to dissolve pain by going in to my heart and just being present, the antidote to pain. Nicholas didn’t just help me dissolve my problems but showed me another reality in which there are no problems: when I am in my natural state, in the present moment centred in my heart. Kurt McEnaney.


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