Inspired Living. How ordinary people live extraordinary lives.


Inspired: displaying an extraordinary creative impulse

On our recent holidays I kept on meeting ordinary people who were living extraordinary lives.

First there was Pam Burridge, who gave our boys surfing lessons. She was world surfing champion five times over! She had as much time for the smallest child in the lesson as for the competent older ones. It was clear to me that she was being lit up by the opportunity to share something that she loved with others.

Then there was Karen, the horse lady, who took us for a ride. She clearly loved horses, she even confessed to having a relationship with one of them! She was happy and buoyant and clearly in her own groove, doing what she loved. She was fun to be around and so we all had a great time.

images-1David and Paul are two young aboriginal lads, who took us on a bush tucker walk. I wasn’t expecting much, but was soon amazed at how much food was lying all around us in Australian bush. Needless to say both our boys were totally engrossed, especially Alexander with the snake attraction whistle reed!!! The guys who led the tour were bright and sparky, present and courteous. Their tours had plenty of customers, which was no surprise. At the end of the tour we bumped into old uncle Bob who made boomerangs. They were simple wooden carved boomerangs – that worked. We bought two at $25 each. Not a bad little business – set up in a shady spot under the trees, by billabong, with the passing parade of happy customers supplied by David and Paul.

I was quite amazed at how everywhere we went we bumped into ordinary people demonstrating inspired living, doing what they really love to do with their life. They were following their passion, and had found a way to make a living from it.

The origins of the word inspire come from ‘to breathe in’ and ‘with spirit’. Being inspired is also about feeling fulfilled. Fulfilment comes from following our heart, from expressing our spirit creatively in the world.

session03Current scientific research is demonstrating that your heart is intelligent. That it processes information and is a source of guidance and motivation. When we are in touch with our heart our passion becomes clear and it becomes more difficult not to do it. When we live from our head we push and force ourselves to do what we think we should do. This is a kind of violence that we do to ourselves – And makes it easy to wander off course in our life. The more present and in touch we are the harder it is to live a life that’s incongruent with our deepest self.

There is a saying that life is circular. But we tend, in the West, to think linear. Something goes wrong and we continue to imagine it getting even worse. But those who know the way of the world know that everything flows in cycles. When we live from our heart we flow with the current of life. Life begins at conception, which leads to birth, which leads to maturity, which leads to death, which leads to the next conception. We find that if we surrender to the flow, things have a magical way of working out for the best.

The New Year is a time of conception, a time of inspiration, for planting new seeds. It is a time to re-evaluate our life and ask ourselves: ‘what would I love to do?’, ‘What brings me joy?’, ‘What is important to me?’. It is the time for us to be creative, adventurous, playful.


Here are a few reasons why you might not be feeling inspired:

Firstly, you need to make sure that medically your health is in good shape.

Maybe you’re still the end of the third quadrant, the space between death and conception. This is the time of regeneration, integration and renewal. It is also characterised by confusion, tiredness, lack of motivation. If this sounds like you, then what you need to do is to trust that this is part of a cycle and surrender in to it. Many of us get scared here that if we surrender we just going to continue downhill slide into a bottomless abyss. We think linear forget and forget that this is just a temporary phase on the cycle of life. Give yourself the time and space to regenerate and trust your time of inspiration will come.

UnknownAnother common reason why people don’t feel inspired is because they are drained. The next major academic that is sweeping our culture is Adrenal Fatigue. Adrenal Fatigue is the result of pushing ourselves beyond healthy limits, running our lives on adrenaline. Adrenaline is a drug and you can get addicted to it. Adrenaline is like an overdraft account, it’s drawing on energy that you don’t have. Eventually your body presents its’ bill. If you are one of those people who fall asleep as soon as you sit down on the couch or close your eyes to meditate you probably are running in the red. It’s time to reassess your lifestyle, values and priorities – before you get the health scare. Take some time out to nurture yourself, get to bed early, get a massage, drink lots of water, take a daily vitamin pill and do some gentle exercise.

Another reason why people don’t feel inspired is because they’re not giving themselves permission to be creative and have fun – two things the heart loves to do! In our fast paced world it is all too easy to get consumed by everything that has to be done, and lose track of what is really important. If this is you (and it can be me), then I recommend taking some time now to think about what it is that lites your fire. What creative activity do you love to do?

I have recently been on a mission to do some things that are really love to do. I went watercolour painting on the holidays. I love watching movies, but the salt crystal that spilt down the back of it sacrificed my surround sound amplifier. Last week I went out and bought a new one. Yippee! And today I have been setting up an outdoor area I can do my yoga in, in the mornings.

What do you love to do?

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join me for a fun and inspiring day exploring the answer to that question.

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May the peace, love and happiness in your heart flourish in 2015.


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