Loving Relationships

“Real love can be gutsy, passionate, fiery and honest as well as gently, tender, joyous and peaceful. Love is not something that is going to last forever without needing any attention. Loving relationships are living organisms, to grow they need the constant nurturing and feeding provided by open hearted, honest sharing of all our feelings.” Nicholas de Castella

Open your heart.
Heal past hurts so you can feel more open and ready for love.

Recharge your relationship.
Add passion and vitality.

Connect more deeply. 
Learn and practice heart based relationship communication skills to resolve conflict quickly and easily.

Learn non-verbal ways of connecting heart to heart.
Ways of communicating that so that we feel heard honoured and respected.

Release fears.
Gain confidence of living in intimate loving relationships.

Unite love and sexuality.
Heal shame and return to innocence in your sexuallity. Learn practices to connect deeply and playfully in intimacy.

Discover the beauty, power of your sexuality.
Learn to use life force energy to deepen your connection with yourself and your partner. Create satisfying sexual experiences that enrich the depth of love and connection in your relationship.

Bring more fun,  joy and pleasure into your relationships.

Grow spiritually.
Learn how to create relationships that foster your spiritual growth.

Loving Relationships…

Loving Relationships are a way of living that is continually opening our hearts and enriching our experience of wholeness and aliveness.

We grow up not understanding how to direct our energy to create connection, peace, happiness and contentment. Many of us struggle to create ongoing loving relationships that continue to stay vibrant, connected and sources for enjoyment and positive growth.

Our early experiences with our parents form an impression of what a relationship is. We tend to live out this impression unconsciously, even though it may not give us what we want.

It can be easy to fall in love, but after the honeymoon period wears off, loving relationships need lots of nurturing to keep them alive. Rarely are long term loving relationships sustained by accident. In order for love to continue to grow it helps to develop ways of continuing to build connections., to nurture the love in your relationship and gain skills to keep the love alive.

Loving Relationships are a way of creating deep, loving relationships that are rich and fulfilling on all levels of being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


 Learn specific heart centred attitudes, communication techniques, postures, breathing patterns and movements to increase presence, deepen connection, raise energy, expand consciousness.

1. Foundations For Love
Love is always patient and kind
4 Predictors of Marital Divorce by John Gottman
Relationship Checklist
Identifying Stresses
Ways we avoid Relationship

2. Being At Your Best
Self Awareness, Emotional Literacy
Keeping Your Heart Open, Emotional Mastery
Filling Your Own Well, Self Nurturing
Overcoming Rejection and Fear Of Getting Hurt
Inspiring Compassionate Relationships
4 Steps to Cultivating Great Compassion

3. Communication Skills
It all about Connection
Secrets of a Passionate Marriage by David Schnarch
A Conscious Marriage by Harville Hendrix
Thought, Feelings or what?
Guidelines For Open Hearted Sharing Of Truth
4 Step Self Assertion Model
Admitting Game – Shift From Conflict To Connection
Non-Verbal Communication Skills

4. Getting on the Same Page – Becoming a Team
Differences Between Men and Women
4 Step Relationship Turnaround
Setting Healthy Boundaries
Dis-honouring and Honouring sharing
The Five Languages Of Love
Setting up systems: Money, Timetable, Parenting…

5. Celebrating Love
Creating Your Relationship Vision
Relationship Vows: Nicholas’ and Susan’s
Heart Tantra Practices
Creating A Heart Space For Intimacy: 12 Ways To Shift From Doing to Being
Sex As An Expression Of Loving Relationships

The program is suitable for singles and couples


When: 7.00pm Thursday 5th to 5.00pm Sunday September 5-8th 

Where: Hazeldell, Sassafras, Dandenong Ranges Rain Forest, Melbourne

Fees: Include Tuition, Manual, food and accommodation for the 3 1/2 days

Singles: $2,470 or $1,770 Early Bird (Closes 5:00pm August 23rd)
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Couples: $3,470 or $2,970 Early Bird (Closes 5:00pm August 23rd)
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What Couples Say…

Greg and Bernadette Holland

With Nicholas’ help, we now talk more freely and openly across lots of personal topics and personal issues. He has helped us resolve prickly and difficult issues – and he has done it through the phone! Our relationship is a much more loving and flowing through the help and guidance that Nicholas has given us.

Bruce and Louise Cooper

The biggest thing that we’ve learned through our work with Nicholas (and there have been many) has been different strategies to really hear each other and how to talk about what we’re feeling. That probably sounds ridiculous… but for me it’s not as obvious as it sounds. I learned that I listen through filters – what I want to hear and when I do this I’m not able to really hear what Bruce is trying to say. The most important thing we have learnt is that effective communication is the key to a strong relationship and that even though we know this, it’s not always easy! What I really love about our relationship now is that we love each other unconditionally and we’re able to talk about anything.

The thing I love best about Nicholas is that he is so validating. Nicholas is the only the counsellor I have seen who helps me to have experiences where I truly feel what I am feeling while giving me strategies to express these feelings without dumping all over people. I am so grateful that we have Nicholas in our lives! Louise Wigg.

Penny and Reece Kennedy

Reece and I met Nicholas 4 years ago when my husband and I were struggling with 3 businesses and 4 children under 6 years of age. The time we spent together was working or to talk business or children or eat meals. We knew it wasn’t how we wanted it to be.

The breakthrough in our relationship was when we recognised that we both wanted the same thing; we were just talking different languages. What I really love about our relationship now is the open-hearted honesty we now have with each other that has really allowed us to bring the passion back into the relationship.

Nicholas has such a powerful natural ability to be able to help you see the truth in such an honest and yet gentle and supported way. We will always be grateful to him for helping us open our hearts and discover what a true passionate loving relationship is all about. Reece and Penny Kennedy

Marc and Leanne Brabander

Years ago, my partner and I were struggling with moving forward in life.

The breakthrough in our relationship has been the realisation that we as individuals are complete, that we stand on our own in our relationship, there to love, support, and encourage the other through life together. What I really love about our relationship now is that it is real: open, honest, encouraging, supportive, loving. There was something that frightened me about �?going there’ – to truly feel the feelings I’ve hid from, evaded and ignored for so long, and going with the emotions and embracing them. Something we as kids don’t get taught very well, if at all.

Nicholas’ approach is pure genius – creating a safe environment of love, understanding, acceptance and awareness… in doing so he provides you with a new skill-set. This all translates into an incredibly powerful and liberating breath of fresh air within anyone’s life and soul.

Brian and Cat Ludwig

Nicholas, have I told you lately that I love you? Well I love you! Will I fit my gratitude into a few lines… probably not!! I thank you for all the years of work we put in together, but my words would never do my extraordinary experience with you any justice at all. I’ve learnt patience, self-acceptance, that I don’t need to be fixed and love is really all there is.

Brian and I are very happy together and enjoy each day of this fleeting beautiful life. You will always be part of my heart and I’m looking forward to more time together soon. All my love to you and Susan

Adrianna and Ed Custeau

Before I worked with Nicholas, my relationship was only based on duty and achievements. I felt isolated and lonely. I used to do a lot for others but deep inside I was draining, feeling unappreciated and exhausted. Working with Nicholas taught us to open our heart. To move from the head to a space of love and appreciation and how to bring heart into my life.

Please do invest your time and money in growing within the relationship. Nicholas will assist you create a loving family. Your children deserve it. Adriana Custeau, Hypnotherapy (Hypnobirthing,Hypno IVF)

Elizabeth and Anthony

Back in 2003 I attended a workshop hosted by Nicholas which was the catalyst for changing my whole life around, it was also the time I first met my now partner Anthony.

At that time I was never ever going to get involved in another relationship, men were just too much like hard work, By the time I’d finished the course I had started going out with Anthony. Anthony and I have been living together for 10 years now, we push each other’s buttons at times but all the work we’ve done with Nicholas has taught us how to work through the issues to find peace and harmony.

Our lives are busy and fulfilling, I run a gift Shop in Yarra Glen called “Yarra Valley Gifts” and a consulting business called “Transform Your Shop”. My confidence has reached an all-time high and I put it all down to the work done with Nicholas.

Rod and Claire

Our biggest problem when we met Nicholas was that our long-term relationship was on the brink of complete disintegration because of things we were mostly unaware of and others we were.

…years ago, we were struggling with finding time for ourselves in the midst of raising our four young children. We both pretty much put things on hold and ignored the pain instead of being willing to share with one another what we really felt. This was a major contributor to the dilemma we faced in the longer term.

Through Nicholas’ work we discovered a sure fire way to create intimacy and move beyond the resentment and shame that was holding us apart. What I really love about our relationship now is its openness and aliveness as we let go of old patterns that no longer serve us and the excitement as we build something very new after 30 years together. Now we look forward with a great deal of excitement and love to our new life together.

I wish I knew Nicholas many years earlier, however after receiving great support from other teachers, a key thing that has helped us has been a powerful and supportive presence, devoid of judgment, that has empowered us to find our own unique solutions to the challenges that we’ve faced. All of that while having a great deal of fun.


When: 7.00pm Thursday to 5.00pm Sunday, September 5-8th

Where: Hazeldell, Sassafras, Dandenong Ranges Rain Forest, Melbourne

Fees: Include Tuition, Manual, food and accommodation for the 3 1/2 days

Singles*:  $1,970   or    $1,770 Early Bird (Closes 5.00pm August 23rd)
Couples*: $3,470   or    $2,970 Early Bird (Closes 5.00pm August 23rd)       

 * Credit Card Facilities and Payment Plans are available, so please contact us to discuss your needs.

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