Money Generator 1.0

Yes I will be sharing with you some of the essential keys to creating wealth from the inside out.

Have you ever wondered:

  • If you are loved by life then why aren’t you abundant?
  • Do you seem to always be juggling the dollars?
  • Do you some how, almost magically, just have enough to cover the bills?
  • Could it be that you are your own worst enemy?
  • Is it possible that you are unconsciously restricting your level of affluence?

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Here is a quick test… Did you ever hear someone say:

  • Money is the root of all evil, blessed are the poor?
  • Do you ever feel guilty being well off when others are struggling?
  • Do you have difficulty receiving: kind words, a massage, an unexpected gift?
  • Do you sometimes notice yourself being a bit to tight with money?
  • Or do you sometimes spend more money than you have?
  • Do you get it that even with the best laid plans and strategies, things still go wrong.
  • Ever noticed yourself self sabotaging your success, or procrastinating, holding yourself back? Weird hey?
  • The strange thing is, you could actually be protecting yourself by staying in the struggle zone with money?

Protecting yourself from change, from standing out (ever got ragged for standing out?), from feeling all the feelings you have subconsciously associated with money – from childhood to now! Well if you would like to gently uncover and let go of some blocks to financial freedom and get your head and heart aligned for wealth… then this is for you.

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Wishing you peace, passion and abundance

Warm Regards

Nicholas de Castella
Breakthrough Coach
Director, Institute of Heart Intelligence 

The Fine Print: As I am not an accredited financial adviser I strongly recommend that before you take any action to invest money that you consult your accountant or financial adviser. This program offers no guarantees of increased income.  The results that are generated from this program are dependent upon your understanding of the principles and the actions you take.