Name: Rod Schofield, South Australian. Seminar Date: November 2012
Passionately Alive was the most transformational experience I have had in 15 years of personal development. Thanks so much! I released shame and allowed myself to accept the perfection and beauty of my inner child. I have embraced magnificence of my masculinity. I’m now free of habits that have troubled me for many years. I’m excited and look forward to being more of myself in my relationships.

Name: Bree Kovalenco, Victoria. Seminar Date: November 2012
Passionately Alive gave me all the skills to help me gain a better understanding of my life and to live to be the best person I can be. Yes! I have peace instead of anger in my heart. Gratitude for what I have: my partner and my family. It was a safe environment to open up and be honest. A big thankyou to Nicholas and all the team.

Name: Graham Bruyn, Sydney. Seminar Date: November 2012
I went to Passionately Alive with the sense to better myself and sort some anger problems. I have gotten so much out of this seminar. It has changed my life forever – in the best possible. I feel fantastic, on top of the world.

Name: Ann Hubbard, Melbourne. Seminar Date: November 2012
I really enjoyed my experience at Passionately Alive. A great group of people who were engaging and fun to be with. Thank you Nicholas for your presence, energy and love. I am very grateful for your teaching, guidance and generosity. Thanks for creating a lovely space for growth and healing.

Name: Sally Anderson, South Australian. Seminar Date: November 2012
I really enjoyed opportunity to really explore what’s going on in my head and how it’s been affecting my life. It has been so powerful to see the stories that I have developed over the years that aren’t true but I have been living by them. I am learning to practice the heart quality of self-love. I feel deeply moved by seeing myself as a beautiful pure child and how I discovered that I have this purity and love for my self as an adult. As a result I feel calmer and more empowered. From now on I am going to take the time to feel my emotions and treat myself and more gently.

Name: Jodie Wirth, South Australian. Seminar Date: November 2012
From Passionately Alive I gained more self-awareness about how I have dealt with my past up until now and what I can do to change my future. I have more appreciation of myself and my kids and enjoying getting in touch with my emotional energy.

Name: Hayley Wilson, Canberra. Seminar Date: November 2012
Passionately Alive was the best workshop I’ve ever attended: it opened my mind and heart and now I’m ready to step up and take life on even more. I am now going to feel my emotions and talk to people about what I’m feeling. I feel deeply connected with my heart.

Susan and I are happy to welcome more open hearted graduates into the world. Thank you for your trust and courage to look inside and break the chains that bind us. We are deeply inspired by your courage. Love to you Nicholas and Susan