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Welcome to the Money Generator Program.

Over the next several days you will receive a short email from me designed to shift you understanding and relationship to money so that you can make it a friend and get it to hang out in your life!

See if you can take a few minutes each day to read the teaching and practice the exercise.

So here we go on the first lesson:


If you want to have lots of money and the kind of freedom it can buy then you really need to know what money is.


In the very old days people used to barter: swap commodities for commodities: a sheep for a wife etc.

But when it comes to buying a house, that’s a lot of sheep.

So they switched to exchanging valuable commodities: namely salt – still a lot of salt for a house

Things switched again to copper, then gold and finally coins.

Then we started using $ notes and today we exchange numbers on computer.

Money has become more and more abstract and etheric. It’s true nature is becoming increasingly clear.

Money is an IDEA! We pay money for things based on what we believe they are worth. 

In a depression the confidence goes out of the market and the value of money plummets.

Money does not represent anything, except that we share an idea about what something is worth.

Ever heard of perceived value? 

The etheric nature of money a bit unnerving: We know that countries’ economies float on the mass opinion of the value of the currency.

The mechanic that works on Mercedies’ charges $200 / hour is not all that different from the mechanic that works on Holdens and charges $70/hour. 

The good news is that since money is very much the expression of an idea, it is relatively easy to change your financial prosperity by tidying up you ideas about money. 

When money seems like a solid thing we tend to think we have to work hard to get it.

Once you really get it, that money is a concept, an idea, not a fixed thing, then you can get out of the hard work and struggle syndrome and can start to dream up and imagine easy ways to create it.

When we think of money as a solid thing then we think in terms of dollars per hour: We think in terms of exchange of energy… work in dollars out. The truth is you are never going to get rich by working in the dollar per hour simply because there are just not enough hours in the day. 

Once you really get that money is an idea, then we shift from working in dollars per hour to generating money by using our creativity.

In future emails I will suggest some of the ways to use our creativity to generate wealth.

How many creative ways can you think of that people earn money without working hard (exchanging dollars for hours)?

Let me know how you go,

Have fun and may life abundant blessings flourish in your life.



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