April 25

On Being Passionately Alive by Nicholas de Castella

Excerpt from transcript:

“What does it mean to be Passionately Alive?

Passionately Alive is about reawakening the full human experience of life.

Passionately Alive is about being in relationship. Being in relationship with ourselves, each other and with life. It’s about a deep state of connection and it’s not about hype or drama

I think that alot of people imagine being Passionately Alive is like being on a high being right out there on a peak experience all the time, being happy and being rosy but for me being Passionately Alive means embracing life as it is. Embracing the exxperience that is rising in this moment . It ‘s about a deep state of connection, allowing us to be authentic moment to moment .

There seems to be two kinds of experiences: peak experiences and valley experiences Peak experiences are when we are right out there and the adreniline is running and we are on a high and that is a kind of rare experience for most of us and not a sustainable one for human life.

Valley experiences on the other hand are much more sublte, and involve a finer energy that we are talking about it’s in a quiter place usually about being deeply connected to ourselves and the to the experience rising in the moment . A valley experience may be felt when we our in a relationship with somebody and we are just holding each other in love and we experience this soft vibration energy in this intimate imbrace.

A valley experience may also arise when we are sitting in quiet meditation, when we have this gentle rise of energy welling up through us. Peak experiences would be like bungie jumping or being in a dramatic experience maybe like an argument or maybe being an athelete winning a race or getting married or giving a presentation in front of everyone – it’s being right out there .

Now you may know people that are often seeming to be on the wave of a peak of experience and they might appear to be Passionately Alive but my question would be “Are they really in touch with themselves?” In those moments because often as the energy arises within us we actually lose touch with the actual experience with what’s happening for us and we get caught up in the drama

So the work that I do in Passionately Alive is about reconnecting with an authentiv experience of ourselves, as we are, not neccessary being on a high or being on a peak the work divides into two basic areas

The first part looks at life as being made up of this masculine principle the masculine principle is related to conciousness and awareness and there is the feminine principle which is related to energy and matter.

In general terms men identify with this masuline principle and women identify and express predominately the feminine principle but this is a generalisation and it is important to note that men and women both have the masculine and feminie within us and we are exhibiting both principles.

But to give you a clearer example, I think that it is fair to say men have this sense of contaiment about them and a sense of conciousness and purpose and direction within their being

Women on the other hand tend to exhibit more energy and matter. They exhibit more movement, there’s more flow, and more emotion where as the masculine principle is more associated with conconciousness, stillness and silence.

It’s important to live a healthy and balance life to have both these masculine and feminine principles working in balance. In it’s essences if you go into the masculine principle and you sit in stillness and you raise concioussness then there’s a gateway there to mystery.

Mystery is one of the deepest places that opens that opens in this masculine field masculine principle

And conversely in the femimine principle we find that there is energy and matter and instead of stillness we find that there is a constant dance or movement happening and so the feminine principle in it’s essence is exhibiting passion, emotion, energy.

Being Passionately Alive in my mind is about embracing this masculine principle of conconcious awaressness of who we are moment to moment and also embracing the free expression of our feminine energy our passion, our emotion.

Being Passionately Alive is about being open to life and embracing what is…


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