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Jumpstart Your Emotional Intelligence

Congratulations on taking a step towards living your life at a higher level!

On this page you will find some great gifts so you can help you to raise your level of Emotional Intelligence.

There is mounting evidence to suggest that Emotional Intelligence plays a major role in our level of success, harmonious relationships, health and happiness. When the heart and mind function in synchronization we feel at peace, perform at our peak, relate to others in a meaningful way and experience better health and well being.

After 25 years of conducting Emotional Intelligence workshops and over 10,000 sessions I am absolutely convinced that not mastering our emotions leads to much of our struggles in life: anxiety, stress, depression, addiction, overwhelm, relationship conflict, overeating, weight issues…

Most treatments available are only bandaids, masking the real issue – that we are walking around with loads of repressed sadness, fear, anger and hurt.

To experience true healing, returning to wholeness and inner peace you need to gently resolve the emotional trauma you are carrying and reconnect to the feeling part of yourself – your heart. Your heart is the source of guidance, inner peace, happiness, love and contentment.


Passionately Alive, Keys to Emotional Mastery E-book

This groundbreaking book opens the door to the potential we all live a rich and rewarding life. It pinpoints the missing piece of the puzzle that leads to so much suffering and underachievement: our emotional well-being. Stress, anxiety, depression, relationship conflict and loss of passion are curses that are spiraling out of control in our modern life.

Understand the crucial role your emotions play in your life. Learn the skills to master your emotions, connect to your heart and be empowered to live with more kindness, enthusiasm, courage, resilience and gratitude. Boost your health, relationships, happiness and success and create a life you


Heart to Heart Presentation

My landmark audio presentation so you can immediately make sense of why you are feeling the way you are and what to do now.

This is a map of how to journey from your head to your heart, from thinking and feeling, from disconnection to connection. This journey home has four parts to it. We start off in the head because that’s where most of us live. Then I talk about how to get out of your head. The best way to get out of your head is to get into your body. When you come into your body, what you find is that there are emotions there. When you stay with your emotions and you journey through your emotions then you find you connect in your heart. We’re going to talk about the difference between thinking and feeling and the difference between emotions and the heart qualities…

20 minute Heart Centering Meditation

HeartCentringCD28KBDeep within is an infinite, unchanging well of peace, happiness, love and contentment.

To access this life sustaining essence we need to tune in and connect a pipeline inside, to our heart, where such nourishment abides.

Scientific research is now showing that we function at our peak physically, mentally and emotionally, when we are centred in our hearts. For example:

  •          we think and comprehend more clearly
  •          we remember things better
  •          our immune system functions optimally
  •          we relate to others more harmoniously
  •          we have more energy, get less tired and we sleep more deeply
  •          we get less frustrated, more patient and our days flow more smoothly
  •          perform at our peak physically


Like to go further?

Breakthrough Day

Join us for a day where  we are going to teach you how to identify and gently dissolve the blockages that are holding you back or slowing you down so you can open your heart, come alive, be authentic and live the life you are here to live.

Dissolve tension, anxiety, stress, grief, depression, incomplete past experiences, eliminate pain, accelerate healing by boosting the immune system, come into the present moment so you feel more alive, gain balance and clarity so you can think more clearly, be more in touch with your intuition, make better decisions, perform better, connect deeper with others, be more in sync with life so things tend to flow better, opens you up so you feel more peaceful and alive and connects you in your heart so you become more gentle, compassionate, kind, generous, appreciative, as well as creating the openness for patience, resilience and inspired living.

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Passionately Alive

Attend Passionately Alive – our 3 1/2 residential life transforming Emotional Intelligence Training.

At Passionately Alive you will learn powerful, practical Emotional Intelligence skills that you will use for the rest of you life to deepen relationships, find your passion and live it, accelerate healing and find inner peace and happiness.

You will also gain clarity and direction, release the blockages that have been holding you back and open your heart so you can come alive and thrive.

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I look forward to sharing in your heart opening journey

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