Passionately Alive  feedback February 2012

Passionately Alive Workshop

Name: Lexie Meyer, Cunjurong Point, NSW. Seminar Date: Feb 2012

I’ve just finished PA and have learned to let go of fear and let go of the need to control. I have opened my heart. I have connected with my natural life force – and source of brilliant energy. I will deal much more openly and honestly with myself and others. This will benefit all my relationships! This was my second PA and I wondered if I would get anything new from it. Of course, as soon as I’d made the booking my issues started coming up. I hadn’t realised how controlled I was and this was my fear trying to create certainty in my world. Thank you from the bottom of my new clean vibrant heart.


Name: Rick Freeth, Canberra. Seminar Date: Feb 2012

I came to PA with my daughter to help with the grieving of my wife’s death from breast cancer. Not only did I find peace in Laura’s passing but I also found an even deeper bond and relationship with my daughter. This has been a truly uplifting and relaxing experience that has enabled me to move forward with clarity, hope renewed optimism and excitement about life and living. My heart is open to give and receive and I am prepared to welcome suffering. Nicholas you are a gifted messenger and an inspiration to me and my life’s purpose.


Name: Kristy Freeth, Canberra. Seminar Date: Feb 2012

Before coming to Passionately Alive I felt tight chested and scared to make any movement in my life. Now I feel empowered and as though I can finally breath freely. This seminar helped me to deal with the grief of losing my mum and has given me a positive outlook and hope in the fact that there will always be a loving presence if I just look within. I feel as though I am able to start making positive changes in my life and start living again. I have also attained an element of peace, which I hope to bring back into my everyday life.

I was sceptical at first to many of the exercises but the groups’ supportive feel and Nicholas’ enthusiasm encouraged me to give everything a shot and I was amazed by what happened and what I experienced.


Name: Rita Cook Seminar, Ballarat Date: Feb 2012

I want to tell the world how wonderful I feel, how alive I am now. I have gained a new insight about myself. I was lost before, now I see a new future ahead. I have lost a lot of baggage. I will go forward now with truth and honesty in my heart. I have met new people I can share with. Thank you Nicholas for helping me change my life for the better. This weekend is wonderful.


Name: Shaun Pollard, Canberra. Seminar Date: Feb 2012

The benefits are Endless. It helped to finally have the courage to deal with my issue. But also has given me the tools to continue along a path of a better life and be able to properly deal with any other issues that may arise. I feel stronger with in my self as a person to stand up for myself and be okay with whom I am and what has happened to me in the past. Thank you all so much for helping me. Was great to feel safe and secure and finally feel at ease.


Name: Jenni Tarrant, Canberra.  Seminar Date: Feb 2012

I have never felt so safe and fitted with joy. The weekend was awesome. The world is my oyster all that I want I have. I look forward to my journey. Thankyou so much for your love, and kindness, you help us to make a difference.

Name: Greg Hastings, Sydney. Seminar Date: Feb 2012

A chance to work through emotional baggage in a safe and in a holistic manner. I enjoyed making some heart-felt goals. A great environment: great setting and great food.


Name: Janet Michelson, Adelaide. Seminar Date: Feb 2012

I came to learn tools to use in my everyday life to live my truth using Emotional Intelligence and to experience Breathwork. I’m going home with a much lighter heart, my aches and pains have gone. My goals and future have so much more clarity and direction, I have so much joy and excitement regarding my relationships and future and I’m going home with clearly set out tools and information to enable me to continue moving through life with a light heart. Thank you.

I have released my pain of loneliness. I clarified the direction I will take regarding my career. I feel confident of my ability to check in with myself and process anything that arises in my life.


Name: Bernadette Holland, Sydney. Seminar Date: Feb 2012

I got a lot of support in looking at stuff from my past and help in identifying what’s holding me back in my relationship and what I can do to make changes for the better.

My awareness about my not having to please others has sharpened at how it can be a negative experience for them too has been very revealing! I will risk revealing more of myself to others and be willing to be rejected by them in speaking my truth. A fantastic experience. Love you, Nicholas and Susan.


Name: Gabi Proc, Adelaide. Seminar Date: Feb 2012

I’ve let go of heavy issues from the past that have stopped me from living life fully and having fun. Also sharing the experience with others allowed me to open my heart even more than I have before – and live the life God wants me to live.

My level of trust in God and myself has increased. My relationships with myself, my husband, my Mum and others will be more truthful and open. I have competed other workshops however experiencing this has brought profound breakthroughs and material to use for myself and in my life coaching.


Name: Makalu Rust, Echuca Seminar Date: Feb 2012

At Passionately Alive I learnt how to deal with emotions when they arise, not suppress them, that its okay to be who I am, to be a lot more gentle and kind on myself and that there is no good or bad – only what is. I love this. I am and will continue to become more open…. to everything. Thank you so much. Your understanding and providing a safe non-judgmental environment made the whole process much easier than I thought.


Name: Katie Alexander, Gippsland, Victoria. Seminar Date: Feb 2012

This has been a life-changing event. I am so grateful for the love and attention I received during my processes. I appreciated being in a comfortable trusting space where I could be my self, that allowed me to go through my processes openly and honestly without judgments. So many things in my life have changed as a result of this workshop: I feel myself I’m getting to know Katie and allowing me to be me. I will tune in and check in with myself and my feelings often and stay present as often as possible. Thank you from my open heart.

What is Passionately Alive?

At Passionately Alive you can improve your ‘Emotional Intelligence skills’ so you can deal effectively with life’s challenges and make the most of your life.

The skills we teach will enable you to increase your energy, deepen relationships, manage stress and anxiety, let go of past hurts, gain a clear sense of direction and to take control of your life.

At Passionately Alive you will learn:

How to identify and dissolve vicious, limiting thoughts and feelings

How to use simple breathing exercises to understand our emotions

How to help develop inner peace, conquer fear, master anger, heal sadness and increase joy

How to release the old, unsettled, emotional baggage from the past that restricts us today

How to connect with the wisdom from your heart for guidance in your life.

Changes you can experience: 

• Relief from life’s pressures: stress, anxiety and frustrations

•  Greater self love, self confidence and inner peace

•  Motivation, energy and direction in life

•  Fulfilling and connected loving relationships

•  Health, well-being and release of physical pain by resolving

negative emotions

•  Living your life fully, being at your best, more successful and feeling more happy and contented

A little background…

There is mounting evidence to suggest that our feelings play a major role in our level of success, harmonious relationships, health and happiness. When the heart and mind function in synchronization we feel at peace, perform at our peak, relate to others in a meaningful way and experience better health and well being.

The Passionately Alive workshop has been running for 16 years now. The Passionately Alive Seminar helps people to put the past to rest and move forward. It gives them a greater self understanding and hence greater self assurance, creativity and positive outlook on life.

It teaches skills for improving self image, relationships, health and enthusiasm for life. These skills are not taught in school and we suffer unnecessarily because we do not know how to cope with life. The skills are simple and easily learnt and will show you another dimension to your life.

For more information go to:


This Life Enriching experience runs from Thursday evening till Sunday Afternoon.

The program is residential and food and accommodation are provided

Seminars are held in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges in Melbourne.

The fees for this three and a half day life transforming experience are $2470  / $1970 Early Bird if booked 4 weeks in advance

The seminar is limited to 14 participants and does book out.

You can book by phoning the Institute of Heart Intelligence on 03 9739 8889.

Bank transfer is the preferred method of payment

Credit Cards are also accepted.

If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call on 03 9739 8889.

Warm regards,

Nicholas and Susan de Castella