Big Toe Meditation

Experience a journey of self discovery and soul connection as you experience what has become affectionately known as the 'Big ToeMeditation'. WARNING: THIS IS NOT A CREATIVE VISUALISATION MEDITATION THIS MEDITATION WILL CONNECT

Heart Centring Meditation by Nicholas de Castella

This meditation is designed to help you to centre yourself in your heart so you can live a more heart centred life. The meditation is in three lengths. There is a 5 minute meditation for an every day top up, a 10 minute meditation for a slightly 

Deep Relaxation With Nicholas de Castella

This meditation is specifically designed to relax and calm the mind. It is great for people who experience stress and anxiety due to an over active mind. Often these minds go and go and are difficult to turn off. The meditation guides you into a deep state  

Keys to Emotional Mastery

Click Here to Download Your FREEE Copy PASSIONATELY ALIVE, Keys To Emotional Mastery has been written to assist you in getting your emotions to serve you: to empower you in getting what you want from life. It teaches an understanding of how your 

On Being Passionately Alive by Nicholas de Castella

Excerpt from transcript: "What does it mean to be Passionately Alive? Passionately Alive is about reawakening the full human experience of life. Passionately Alive is about being in relationship. Being in relationship with ourselves, each other and with life. It's about a deep state of connection and it's not 


Give Stress and Anxiety the Flick, Misery the Boot and Say: Hello to Joy and Ease! 

Enjoy a collection of powerful resources to start you emotional empowerment journey today 


By Nicholas de Castella

Free 5 minute Heart Centring Mediation

Connect deeply to the timeless peace and happiness in your heart and access the wisdom in your heart for guidance in your life.


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