Welcome to the Breathwork Training.

Thank you for your registration, you are now enrolled in the 2011 Training.

You are embarking on a wonderful heart opening experience that will transform your life. Now that you have enrolled you can expect your process to begin. Feel free to call us if you need to talk about issues that come up for you.

Breathwork Practitioner Level: Thursday 7.00pm till Monday 5.00pm
Personal Life Transformational Journey: Thursday 7.00pm till Sunday 5.00pm
Module dates:

1.      July 14 -17 (18)                   Alchemy

2.      August 11 -14 (15)              Growing up/ Blossoming

3.      September 8 -11 (12)         Passionate Men and Women

4.      October 13 -16 (17)             Love, Sex and Money

5.      November 10 – 13 (14)       Radical Breakthroughs


Venue:   Hazeldell. 220 BasinOlinda Rd. The Basin. Victoria.

Check in time at the start of the training on Thursday, is 6.30pm. This will enable us to register you so we will be ready to start at 7.00pm sharp.



* Notebook and pen.

* 2 LARGE couch cushions (Pillows are NOT large enough)

* 1 Low height beach chair (NO BEAN BAGS)

* Alarm clock

* Torch

* Loose comfortable clothing, Plenty of T-shirts.

* Thick socks or slippers and winter woollies.

* Pillow and Sheets

* Blankets, doona or sleeping bag.

* Bath towel & toiletries.

* Drinking Water Bottle

* Hot water bottle (optional)

* Commitment to the pursuit of your Passion!

Tuition Fee:

Please ensure that the payment details are clear before starting the training

The training is a full residential – ‘live in’ experience.

Is supplied – if you have special requirement make sure that you discuss them with Susan at least 1 week before the training commences.

Venue: ‘Hazeldell’, 220 Basin-Olinda Rd, Sassafras.
(Map enclosed)
Client History Form
Enclosed is a Client History form. All information on the form will be held in strict confidence. It’s purpose is to assist Nicholas in meeting your needs. Please complete the form and post it, so it will arrive in the mail at least one week before the seminar begins.

We are very happy to have you join us in this training. We look forward to sharing a rich and exciting adventure together.

With love and enthusiasm,
Nicholas and Susan de Castella.

DIRECTIONS To get here:
Follow the Eastern Freeway and Eastlink to Boronia Rd

Turn Left onto Boronia Rd.
Follow Boronia Rd which turns into Forest  until it ends at a round about in front of the Basin Post Office (third round about).
On the other side of the round about is The Basin – Olinda Rd.
Drive down along the road till it turns to gravel. Continue along for another  1.5 km.
The Hazeldell driveway is on the right , just after a sharp bend with a wire mesh fence over a small creek.
Look for the raibow colored ‘Hazeldell’ sign and the number 220.