Emotional IntelligenceI just got the feedback from each of the 12 participants at the last Passionately Alive (February 23 – 26).  And I have a special offer below…  (You can read what participants actually had to say at https://eq.net.au/passionately-alive-rave-reviews)

And I must say, they are inspiring!

When I read them I thought to myself, ‘wouldn’t it be great for more people to know about the possibilities that are available to us all”.

I think it is such a shame that we do not learn these skills growing up.

So much pain and suffering is avoidable, if only we all had these knowledge and skills – things that are NOW available!

And I like that the feedback includes EVERYONE of the participants at the seminar This is not select feedback from one or two people at the seminar, this is the total feedback from everyone who attended. We consistently get rave review from our participants.

If you know anybody interested in opening their hearts please send this onto them. It is a great read and hopefully may inspire some people to come along and enjoy the benefits of open hearted living also.

If you are at all interested in finding more happiness in your life then I highly recommend yo just pop over to : https://eq.net.au/passionately-alive-rave-reviews


It seemed mean of me to post this after the close of the Super Early Bird Discount so I have decided if you get this email to extend the date till next Thursady. Yes we still have a couple of places. To book just call us on 03 9739 8889 and let us know you got this email.

Oh and remember to forward this link to your friends. Next PA April 12 – 15.

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