Spirituality Radical Breakthroughs

Breathwork Training – Module # 5:

Radical Breakthroughs
To realise the truth of who you are is to access a vast source of freedom to live the life you are meant to live

Connect to your true spiritual nature, which is timeless, unchanging, perfect and whole

‘Radical Breakthroughs’ journeys through the physical, mental and emotional realms into the nature of consciousness: “At the centre of your being there is a vast ocean of Peace, Love and Happiness
Not knowing who you are is the root cause of fear unhappiness and misery .

When you realise who you are, you are instantly liberated, released from suffering.

No longer are you bound and controlled by the fears of your personality,

You are truly free.” Nicholas de Castella

The most profound and liberating experience is to deeply understand the fact that you are not your thoughts, body, emotions, or any identity you may associate with.

This is the radical breakthrough we are talking about. Once you experience the truth of what I am saying, your whole life will forever be different. You will be less emotionally rocked off centre, and be less reactive in difficult situations. You will feel lighter and freer, and you will travel through life with more humour and lightness.

Some Background
At the root of every experience, beyond the ego personality is pure conscious awareness – the ‘I AM’. It is bigger than the intellect and therefore cannot be understood by the mind. It is the timeless, eternal, unchanging, perfect nature of your being.

The ego personality is created by the mind out of unresolved memories and feelings from the past. We spend a lot of time and energy defending and protecting our ego (which is no more real than a mirage). Identifying as our ego creates a lot of fear, isolation and suffering and unhappiness.

Once you realise that the ego personality is not the real you, you have nothing to defend: stress and worry falls away, and you are free:

“The indications that you are on the right path are very simple: your tensions will start disappearing, you will become more and more cool, you will become more and more calm, and you will find beauty in things which you never, ever conceived could be beautiful.
The smallest things will start having tremendous significance. The whole world will become more and more mysterious every day; you will become less and less knowledgeable, more and more innocent – just like a child running after butterflies or collecting sea shells on the beach.
You will feel life not as a problem but as a gift, as a blessing, as a benediction.”
The Program

Spirituality: discover the mystery that is you
Understand the dynamics of the ego
Cultivate witness consciousness
Dissolve false identifications with your ego
Recognise the truth of your being
Connect deeply with your essence – your true spiritual nature
The ego and the I am
Clearing the ‘Unconscious Death Urge’
The Chakras
Past lives
Discovering your purpose and service

Radical Breakthroughs

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