Spring is the time of year where you shake off all those heavy layers from winter and begin to feel your lightness and vibrancy once more. It is where you open to the welcomed sunshine of the days while you breathe in the crisp freshness of the morning air.

It is a time to feel the aliveness in you and burst out once again like a new budding plant, soak up the warming ground like the ‘roots’ and blossom with renewed enthusiasm for your life like a flower.

There seems to be a sense of new life and new beginnings this time of year and maybe it is time for you to look within and ask:

Am I living in a way that makes me truly happy?

Am I living from my heart’s wishes?

Am I going in the right direction in my life?

Am I thriving in my life?


Thrive Living means being committed to achieving ‘Genuine Success’: inner peace and happiness, vitality, fulfilling relationships, achieving personal goals, financial abundance, spiritual growth and being of service to the world.
We thrive, not when we have the material possessions we desire, but when we feel blessed and grateful for the things we do have.

GENUINE SUCCESS: What it really means
‘Genuine Success’: having balance in all aspects of life:

  1. Health: nutrition, exercise, rest, flexibility
  2. Relationships: Intimate, Social, Communal
  3. Vocation: Doing what you love to make a difference in the world
  4. Financial: Creating financial abundance
  5. Lifestyle: Fun, Creativity, leisure time, flow, adventure, holidays
  6. Spiritual: Having a regular practice to connect with the divine


There can be significant times in your life where cross roads intersect and you look for a fresh start, a new direction or you want to hit the re-set button and live life FULLY ALIVE and make a positive difference to your world!

The image below gives you a clear and simple idea of our 4 Level Thrive Avatar Pathway to become the change you want to be and to heed your souls calling.

Take the first step NOW to truly LIVING FULLY ALIVE and read about all the levels below and how it has made such great transformations for so many.

BREAKTHROUGH DAY – Getting back on track

A taste of Heart Centred Living

There was such a GREAT turnout and a buzz from our August event that we had to share the day with you again.

To hear your Soul’s Calling clearly you need to be connected to your heart. When your heart speaks to you about your Soul’s Calling it does not change from day to day… it is quiet and persistent. In any moment it is that persistent sense or longing that keeps on coming back. Your thoughts and whims come and go. They change from moment to moment and day to day – should I change jobs or should I stay?

Your Soul’s Calling does change as you go through life. Maybe it’s your time to explore the world, maybe it’s time to find a partner, maybe it’s time to settle down together, maybe it’s time to raise your kids, maybe it’s time to write a book, maybe it’s time to be of service to others…


Hi Nicholas
I can clearly remember approaching the Breakthrough day with a huge amount of skepticism. I can also remember being on day 5 of a headache having spent 2 weeks with my mum!
The Breakthrough day for me was like the beginning and the end.
The end to my depression, anxiety, sadness and “tight” way of living.
It was the beginning of healing myself, gently but surely and re-engaging with my sense of self.
The proverbial light had been switched on and I felt excited about my life, what I could achieve and the path ahead.
It’s amazed me to see how much my confidence had been eroded. Everything had been about the kids, my husband and our business.
I feel really grateful that I’m doing what makes my heart sing now.
Upon reflection, what I love the most about Core Clearing Process I experienced on the day
was just how gentle it was.
Such gentle work but such huge and powerful changes.

Thanks Nicholas, you’re the bomb!! Louise Holthouse

Just click on the link below to book and for more information.

DATE: SUNDAY 29TH OCTOBER 10am – 5pm, Clifton Hill, Melbourne

Passionately Alive Update

LEVEL 1: Core Clearing Practitioner Training

What a wealth of amazing shifts and heart openings!

There is always the tummy swirls for anything unknown and Passionately Alive is no different.
We weren’t taught Emotional Intelligence (EQ) at school or from our parents so many of us reach our adulthood with a big heavy backpack of our past-unresolved emotional issues.
The joy, insights and lightness that all participants leave with is what helps make this world a better place and our future generations more heart connected.

Do you want your heavy backpack a lot lighter?
Come and experience the wonders of being welcomed into a space of non-judgement, love and acceptance for who you are – all of who you truly are!


SEPTEMBER: 21 – 24
NOVEMBER: 23 – 26



This is my second Passionately Alive experience with my husband and I loved sharing myself even deeper with him again. This workshop provided us the safe space to delve individually into our relationship, which has only bought us closer together and strengthened our relationship. We have created a deeper understanding of each other and ourselves.
Through this workshop I have realised that I haven’t been loving myself which has caused me to not value myself or my gifts.
This change in me will benefit the blended family we have, as I’m now willing to learn and grow and develop a meaningful relationship with all the children.


This sacred journey to myself through Passionately Alive is the most important thing I have done in my life. It is scary to feel deeply within but is immensely rewarding and humbling. Thank you Nicholas and Susan for your love, support and presence, which has helped me, transform my muck into a beautiful jewel, so I can now love myself more with gentleness.


Featured Member: LOUISE WIGG

I felt pretty lost and miserable when I met Nicholas and Susan in 2002. My life felt a little like Groundhog Day – I kept making the same mistakes and didn’t know why. I was working hard and not really getting anywhere. I was in and out of relationships with men who did not suit me and I was on a journey with my body image – I wanted to love myself and my body but I didn’t really know how or what to do with the empty ache I felt inside.

I had done courses and I’d had counselling but most of that had been more about what was going on in my head – the stories – rather than the feelings in my body. Nothing shifted.
I did the Breathwork Training in 2002 for my own personal development and it had the most amazing impact on my life. I learned all about that empty ache and all of the other feelings that had mystified me my whole life. I learned how to identify emotions, how to be with them, even the uncomfortable ones and to express
them in healthy ways. To me this had been the missing piece of my puzzle, particularly my body image puzzle. I could now love myself and allow true love to come back.

During my training I found the love of my life and married him. Now we have two gorgeous girls to add to Bruce’s 4 lovely children.
Thank you Nicholas and Susan! When I met you I was looking for so much. Your work helped me to find myself…….My loving husband, our children and the fantastic life I now feel so blessed by and grateful for. Thank you.

What’s happening here in spring with our training!


2017 Update

What an inspiring group of future Thrive Coaches we have this year!
We are excited to have completed the first sectionof the Thrive Coach training and look forward to the next few months in the powerful journey of self-discovery and teachings.
Seeing all these wonderful individuals wanting to make positive change in our world through Heart and Emotional Intelligence is what this training is what makes this training different to any other life coach experience.

Click here to find out more about Thrive Life-Coach Training:

Here are some of the GREAT responses we have had so far…


As I continue with my personal growth I am digging deeper and facing up to the dark, stuck and unconscious places that have been causing issues in my life. It is wonderful to be in the space of Nicholas who has such experience and it shows in his programs the willingness to make a difference to my life. I am gathering the necessary tools so I can implement them now into my everyday.
Thank you so much Nicholas and Susan

I have gained the connection between moving forward and dealing with what comes up in the moment. I understand the link with the spiritual and the physical and the drive to move towards the things I want to achieve from a heart centred place. I had self-imposed blocks around money and resentments around money also. I gained the ability to see clearly and concisely links between goals, emotions and heart’s purpose ad could truly see me achieving them.
Thank you Nicholas and Susan for creating a place where many can learn, grow and practice the tools in.


I found it so stimulating to be part of a group that accepted me so openly. I felt part of an integrated whole……I didn’t want to go home!
I have gained a total acceptance of myself, which will allow me to not hold back from others in my life now. I felt that I was met with non-judgement and loved for where and who I was when I arrived.Thank you. MARILYN MARTIN

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Nicholas and Susan. My family and our future generations will only benefit from the teachings that were shared. The cycle of change has begun and I’m so grateful!
So many wonderful insights around the drama cycle that we can find ourselves in and how we can empower ourselves by living from an open heart will be forever something that I will treasure.
I feel excited to put all the learning’s into ACTION and have the process bring my wife and I even closer.Blessings to you and your family.PHIL HAYDON




‘Loving yourself is a state of being. It’s not about your body or how clever you are’

Womanhood is about rekindling the Beauty and Power of your Feminine Spirit in a safe and non-judgemental environment which is facilitated by Susan de Castella.

If you’re finding that more and more of your feminine spirit is being stripped away with all the pressures of being a woman, wife, mother, girlfriend, sister, daughter or a friend then this workshop is for you.

If you’re done with struggling and being overwhelmed by your long to-do list, putting your health on the back burner, not being able to say ‘no’ and you’re exhausted and spent…

Let me offer you the space to nurture the wonderful woman that you are and reconnect to that feminine spirit that wants to play and have fun again.



The breakthroughs achieved through a Womanhood workshop will empower you in all aspects of your life- from your physical to your relationships, with your work and the development of being a woman, spouse, daughter, friend and business owner.
I am lighter as a result of blockages being felt and let go of. I am feeling more empowered to achieve so much more in my life as I have developed in the safe space provided more of the power in my vulnerability.

Amanda Lu: Business Owner

I went beyond the limitations I had set on myself as a woman by having the courage to share my feelings and being vulnerable. I was able to do this due to the non-judgemental space provided by Susan de Castella and the support of a loving group of women.
I now have the courage to speak up, move forward in my life and feel free to achieve my goals.

Jenny May: Administration


Come and connect to your inner strength and develop emotional intelligence skills to unlock and throw awayyour chains and shackles from your past for good!

Gain the skills and dissolve the confusion on what it is to be a man today!

You will feel better about your life, release stress, anxiety, frustration, deepen relationships, take greater control, work more effectively and move forward in life… And help make the world a better place.

It takes real courage for men to live a life of fullness from the heart due to the many issues that can stem from our past experiences that we still carry around with us today.




Andrew Dennis: Entrepreneur

During Manhood I was able to truly open up and be honest with myself due to the safe space to celebrate my masculinity. I tapped into some of my pain; anger and frustration so I could confront it and finally let it go.
Through the pathway to freedom I was able to recognise some shadow aspects of myself that I once was afraid to look at. Gaining the knowledge of how to integrate them into my ego in a healthy way and use them to motivate myself will support me to be a better version of me.


Kieran Bailey

Through Manhood I have gained a clear sense of who I am by releasing my ‘baggage’ and through the experience of warm, open honouring form other men. I now have confidence and a sense of what self-love and self-belief feels like. I am trusting myself more and other open men also from sharing more of who I am in the workshop.

*** EXCITING!!!***

The 5 Keys to unlock Your Hearts the Secret Code

Create more love and fulfillment in your career, your relationships,
your health so you can live fully and create a life you truly love.

E.Q. (Emotional Quotient) is the single greatest predictor of success and happiness. This 5 week online program explores the 5 hallmarks of highly successful people. It has taken many on the experience of transformation from Anxiety to Calmness, Frustration to Flow and Despair to Enthusiasm.

Discover how to shift from being stuck and struggling to achieving with more ease, make fewer mistakes and be more productive: (focused, present, in-tune, memory, intuition, flow) improved sleep, and shift from feeling alone or isolated to being connected and supported. Exchange tension, tiredness and pain to increased energy,well being and greater vitality. There is the outcome of a greater enjoyment of life and the gift of feeling that life as a true blessing.

Why EQ is the MASTER KEY
A much needed revolution is occurring on planet Earth. For too long have we looked at the planet, and its inhabitants as objects that we can use rather than being connected at one with all.

Attend this affordable, convenient life-changing program in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

The program includes weekly live online group coaching sessions with Nicholas.

Explore the 12 Emotional Intelligence Keys to Life Mastery
1. Self awareness – the ability to respond most effectively
2. Focus – versus being hijacked by emotional drama
3. Inspiration – the ability to motivate oneself towards fulfillment
4. Intuition – make better decisions with timing and grace
5. Courage– the ability to step into the unknown and unfamiliar
6. Delayed gratification – the ability to endure discomfort for success
7. Endurance, Grit, Determination – Stay relaxed and focused on objective in discomfort
8. Effortless flow – Achieve success with joy and ease
9. Peak Functioning – being in harmony and balance, congruence
10. Clear blockages – Identify and clear sabotage and procrastination patterns
11. Resilience –ability to bounce back after setbacks, not take things personally
12. Connect with others, enroll support and engage mentors

Find out more:
Free Breakthrough Training – EQ101 Launch:

EQ101 Training– The Hallmark of Success:Begins 18th October

Like to know more about ThriveBreathworkCoaching?
We have just created a beautiful colour Thrive Breathwork Brochure that explains in simple terms how your breathing can be the catalyst for this beautiful heart opening process.

Time for a Thrive Breathwork Session?

Would you like to open your heart and find more inner peace, confidence and happiness?

“With each Breathwork session I do I feel lighter and brighter and more equipped to move forward in my life. I can now see opportunities for me in abundance.”MargSchooneveldt, Bank Officer.

Looking for a Thrive Coach near you?
We now have map of the world showing the location of all of our fully qualified Thrive Breathwork practitioners. Go to:



DATE: Sunday 22nd October
TIME: 10am to 4pm
Please bring a plate to share – a salad or a dessert

Our industrious Community Connect Committee, Marisol and Teresa, have planned a little working bee as our next social gathering.

If you would like to show your appreciation for the heart opening work and give a little luv’n back to the place that holds so much loving transformation, we’d be very happy to see you and grateful for your input.

This will be a fun day and you are welcome to participate at the level you choose – if physical work is not your thing, how about coming along and serving the tea and scones?

You are welcome to join us for the morning or afternoon or for the full day.

If you have some tools you could throw in the car that could be handy –
Gardening, painting, cleaning: rags, gloves, paint brushes, shovel, rake…….

We have had a few working bees here and they have always been lots of fun.

Much love and blessings to you.

Kind regards,

Nicholas and Susan


T: (03) 9739 8889



Thrive Coach Academy