Susan de Castella


Hi, My name is Susan de Castella. I am a coach/facilitator/trainer with the Australian Breathwork Academy and Institute of Heart Intelligence.

I have over 20 years experience facilitating Breathwork sessions for people who are grieving, stuck, blocked, depressed or suffering with anxiety. I help them be happier, more successful in their lives, improve their health, deepen their relationships, and live life fully.

I help people find clarity in their lives, clear the blockages, connect with their heart, their passion, life’s purpose, and commitment, so they can live the life they were born to live! 

I work with the feelings underlying the issues that cause problems and challenges in people’s lives. I believe and have experienced personally that ‘Healing is in the feeling.’

This is about getting out of your head and into your heart. Letting your heart lead the way, so your life becomes congruent with your life’s passion and purpose.

I met Nicholas de Castella at Dr Richard Moss’s Melbourne seminar in 1997. We became partners, married in 2001, and have two great, energetic boys, Charlie (born in 2002) and Alex (born in 2003). We live in The Dandenong Ranges, near Sassafras, living our ideal lifestyle working from home. It is a wonderful community-based area surrounded by rainforest, and we have a fern tree gully on our property that backs on to Mt Dandenong National Park.

As an animal and nature lover, a horse rider, and a former zoo-keeper, this is paradise. I love my life and feel so blessed to have discovered my passion for Breathwork through my own healing journey. It has opened me to receive the universe’s infinite treasures.

My experience and knowledge in this field also helps support my husband Nicholas to formulate the powerful trainings and manuals he has been teaching now for 25 years. It is very much a heart-centred team effort.

At the age of 13, I suffered from extreme anxiety after a group bullying incident at school that sent me into a ‘dark night of the soul’, I was put on Valium and Serapex.

By 19 years of age, I thought there has got to be a better way of living. And so began my ‘real’ healing journey. It was at this time I went to a doctor for more Valium, and the doctor referred me to a different doctor who taught relaxation.

I attended his relaxation classes and from that day on, I started on a new track to wellness, healing and becoming a whole new being.

The journey included practicing yoga, esoteric studies, tai chi, relaxation, meditation, massage therapy and Reiki courses over many years. Through my wonderful yoga teachers Joan and Ann, I was introduced to many different ‘New Age’ teachings.

Two that stood out for me were Dr Richard Moss MD. My yoga group studied his first book The I That Is We and I went on to attend his Australian seminars. The second book was Sondra Ray’s Loving Relationships. I knew then that Breathwork was going to be a huge part of my life, and this was confirmed when I experienced my first Breathwork session at a Richard Moss seminar.

My body was vibrating all over and I was buzzing with such energy. Never had I felt this before and all just through breathing. 

The man of my dreams happened to be participating at this particular seminar, too. Nicholas de Castella was already a Thrive Well-Being Coach, and it wasn’t until I experienced that first ‘breathe’ that I understood what he was talking about. Breathwork can only be explained by experiencing it. 

From that day forth I began to breathe consciously, live and sleep my passion!

I have a successful private Thrive Well-Being Coach practice. I facilitate Womanhood seminars and, together with my husband Nicholas, conduct Passionately Alive seminars and Thrive Well-Being Coach Trainings.

People tell me I have an innate ability to share my compassion, understanding and care to support their needs.

“Thrive Breathwork has enabled me to facilitate people towards their most fulfilling and rich lives. I love the work. It is so satisfying to see people making positive shifts in their lives.”


Susan de Castella.


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By Nicholas de Castella

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